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Latex mattress is different from other mattresses because of the quality and comfortable features it offers. It is highly elastic, durable and very supportive. It distributes weight load evenly and can effectively eliminate pressure points to give you the best experience you ever wanted from a bed.

Latex Mattress is not only supportive, but also produces cushioning effect. The natural latex used in the construction of latex mattress is from the sap of the rubber tree, which means that are not only elastic but also eco-friendly. However, only those that are made from the fluid tapped from the rubber tree can be said to have this quality.

There are still some petrochemical derived mattresses (they are called SBR styrene butadiene rubber). This means that they contain artificial latex, which of course does not have all the qualities of natural latex. Therefore, when you are buying one, you should confirm that the mattress you’re buying is made from natural latex.

Best Latex Mattress Reviews

  1. Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress
  2. Linespa Latex Hybrid Mattress
  3. BedStory Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress
  4. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress
  5. Sunrising Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress
  6. Latex for Less 2 sided Mattress
  7. Elements Latex By Dreamfoam Bedding

1. LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress

The Lucid 10 Inch Latex Mattress is firm and solid. It is more suitable for those who have had spine surgery in the past because it is supportive of the spine and with good alignment.

The mattress provides adequate support for heavy persons. Even if you weigh 160 pounds, you will still be able to enjoy the comfort provided by this mattress.

Unlike regular beds, the Lucid 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress does not make any indentions, sinking marks, and it has the capability to support from day one for long period.

It is the ideal mattress for allergy sufferers. Because of the latex material, this mattress has enough ventilation to ward of odor and smell. It does not retain sweat that could cause smell as time goes on.

It can help you stay cool in summer and warm during winter. This is because of the layer of latex and quality construction. It is plush and very comfortable. Not only does it offer full support but also affordable.

  • It is manufactured from natural latex for a durable and long lasting comfort and support.
  • The latex construction is full of evenly spaced holes to increase the airflows to the mattress and ultimately provide a comfortable sleep environment for you.
  • It is made from the memory foam that is certified by the CertiPUR-US thus making it a safe mattress to use at home.
  • It is manufactured from high quality material and backed by 25 years manufacturer warranty.
    • Best mattress for heavy persons
    • The latex is breathable 
    • Conforms to the body to relieve pressure points
    • Might not be as comfortable as a memory foam mattress

    2. Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

    The Signature Sleep Contour latex mattress is not only soft but is made of high quality materials. This makes it comfortable and durable so that it can last you for many years without you getting bored with it.

    It is affordable. Unlike other units like this, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the quality and comfort you want. (See its latest price at

    This latex mattress has a medium-firm feel and can take up to 48 hours to inflate fully. This is good because you can expect to derive the full benefit when it is fully up. It is durable, affordable and very comfortable.

    This unit is a convenient unit for college usage since it is easy to transport once it is fully packed up. It will take you less effort to move between college hostels and convenient to fix up when you arrive at your destination.

  • Contour design to fit snugly around the shape of your body and therefore provides adequate support during your sleep.
  • There are 480 tempered independently encased coil for relieving pressure points as those on the neck, shoulder, etc., through the evenly distribution of weight.
  • The encased coil is also useful for eliminating motion so that you can get a smooth sleep even if your partner in bed moves so much during the night.
  • It comes with two cushioning layers to protect the encased coils so that your unit can last many years. It is supported by a thick foam layer and non-woven fabric insulation.
  • 3. Tuft & Needle Latex Foam Mattress

    The Tuft and Needle latex mattress has the capability to provide a balance of softness and support. While not extremely dense, it can provide you with all the support and comfort you will need.

    This product is backed by a supportive customer service. During my research, I discovered that majority of users are completely satisfied with customer service and because of this, the product and the company are getting positive reviews all over.

    It is covered by 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is not a pro-rated warranty because it covers all defects. If you experience any defect, you can get a replacement without any cost to you.

    It provides the firmness that is required by a mattress to prevent back and neck pain. Even if you are sleeping on the bed with a partner that has a different body shape, you will both be fine. It provides adequate support and is one of the highly-rated products in the industry.

    Types of Latex Mattresses


    Tuft & Needle Mattress


    • It is manufactured from high quality materials
    • It is backed by ten-year warranty
    • It is manufactured in the USA
    • It provides adequate support when it arrives


    It may be too firm and less comfortable than you expected and these could lead to you experiencing pain in your joints. However, you can solve this problem by getting a mattress topper, which would make it comfortable. Therefore, if you want a firm bed, this is great for you. However, if you want a very comfortable bed, you might need to incur extra cost.

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    Latex mattress Ormatek Flex Standard Big

    Ormatek Flex is from the line of springless latex mattresses made ​​from environmental friendly materials using modern European technology of vacuum packaging. During the packaging process is twisted into a roll mattress, which greatly facilitates its transportation. The unique technology allows the product to maintain its original shape within 24 hours after opening.

    At the core of latex mattresses Ormatek Flex there are monolithic slabs of natural or synthetic latex. Mattresses of this line have exceptional anatomical properties and special packaging and the twisted form is particularly convenient for storing the mattress.

    Springless latex mattress Ormatek Flex Standart Big is created for those who truly appreciate the comfort, classic style and practicality in every detail of the product purchased. This model perfectly combines all these and other important qualities.

    The main layer of the model consists of latex a beautiful flexible material of natural origin. This material is environmentally friendly filler and has no contraindications for children or for those who are prone to diseases of the respiratory system. Thanks to the great structure of latex, and especially the presence of cells filled with air, the mattress perfectly ventilated. This prevents the accumulation of particles within the structure of the skin, dust mites and other harmful substances that provoke allergic reactions.

    This latex mattress combines elastic flexible material properties and will create excellent conditions for sleep, rest and proper formation of the baby’s spine. The design of the mattress completes the case of durable luxury jacquard fabric, quilted with synthetic padding. Its stunningly soft and elegant cover creates an extra comfort and the perfect temperature.

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    Springless mattress

    We recommend you buy springless mattress of latex or coconut. This is the right choice for those who appreciate maximum comfort and care about their health and for their loved ones. The difference from the spring mattresses is the lack of block springs with property eventually sag and creak that is always unpleasant, as well as the longer-term use of natural latex mattresses.

    Springless mattresses evenly distribute the load of the human body, providing a sound sleep and preventing diseases of the spine. Made from natural (latex, coconut, etc.) or artificial materials such mattresses differ primarily in terms of quality and orthopedic properties. Also, they may be hard or medium stringency, thick or thin.

    Springless mattresses have an important advantage over the spring ones they can be made any size and height, it all depends on the buyer’s needs. They may also have a different structure: latex plates, coco fiber, polyurethane foam. Thus, to make the right choice before you buy springless or spring mattress, you must first select the material and structure of the desired product.

    Springless latex mattress (natural rubber latex or a synthetic analogue) not only supports the body, eliminating the possibility of the emergence and bursting pain in the joints, but also has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

    Latex mattresses ensure a good rest both for children and adults, providing them with the correct position during sleep. They’re often recommended to people with spinal problems and prevention of degenerative disc disease, and because of its durability and resistance to deformation, they are durable hence last much longer than other materials.

    Depending on the technology on which are made ​​springless and latex mattresses, they can be with low, medium and high degree of rigidity. In addition, modern latex mattress has such important qualities as incredible strength and durability.

    Natural latex mattress

    Natural latex mattresses, nowadays, are one of the most innovative products in the industry. This material has found its widespread use as a substitute for a standard spring assembly. However, there are designed models in which the latex is used as the upper layer instead of springs.

    One of the main reasons for the increased demand for this material is its environmental friendliness. Selecting for yourself a natural latex mattress, you buy a product made from natural renewable fiber. It will not fill your bedroom with dangerous chemical fumes or dust mites.

    Another reason that has influenced to the popularity of natural latex mattresses is their hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Natural latex does not provide the necessary environment for the existence of dust mites, which are the bane of many modern products for sleep and rest.

    When choosing a natural latex mattress, you should not forget about the convenience and comfort that he would give to his owner. With it, you will forget about chronic back pain, as well as a variety of allergic reactions. Despite its density, it is very elastic, supple and elastic, providing the necessary support and comfort to the sleeper. Therefore, by purchasing natural latex mattresses and pillows, you can guarantee yourself and your family a comfortable and restful sleep.

    Talalay Latex Mattress

    Talalay latex mattress is the latex mattress produced by the new manufacturing process. Currently, there are two process to produce latex mattress, the standard way (or Dunlop) and the talalay process.

    If budget is not your concern, it worth to consider Talalay latex mattress as your choice as well.

    Contrary to misconceptions, Talalay is not a brand for latex mattresses. Talalay latex mattresses are called as such because of the process used in the manufacture of the latex.

    Talalay Latex Mattresses for Ache Free Sleep

    Latex is rubber foam. When you hear the word foam, you would visualize a light substance that has a lot of air bubbles in it, just like the foamy milk on top of your favorite hot cappuccino. And that’s basically a rubber material with lots of air bubbles inside, which its purpose is to give the mattress the bouncy feeling; thermal insulating effect and the breathability that our bodies need while pressed on the mattress for 8 hours every night.

    Latex mattresses are very dense. Thus, your body gets the firm support. And yet the air bubbles inside keeps you cool and provides the softness that allows the bed to follow the contour of your body.

    What’s Special with Talalay Latex Mattresses?

    Less Pressure from Latex Mattress means Better Blood flow

    While asleep, our body repairs itself. Blood distributes the nutrients needed throughout the body by travelling through our capillaries. Blood also distributes the much-needed oxygen to our brain for a well-rested sleep.

    Have you ever waked up in the morning after 8 hours of sleep feeling sluggish and not fully recovered? There could be many reasons. It may be that your bedroom mattress is too small for your body or that you might need some down comforters for more gentle sleep.

    There are a lot of factors to consider but one cause could be bad blood circulation because your mattress id not orthopedically designed to follow the contour of your body. This causes pressure on your muscles and the capillaries. With better blood flow, we wake up feeling rejuvenated.

    Talalay latex mattresses have been found to provide superior pressure relief and orthopedic support. Wake up to a more relaxed morning with Talalay latex mattress.

    Natural latex mattress means healthy and deep sleep

    Healthy and deep sleep not only provides a good mood in the morning, but also energizes the entire upcoming day and you cannot only focus on your tasks, but also allows you to feel all the fun out of life. So how can this be achieved?

    Sleep is an integral part of everyone’s life. We are all different, but all the problems usually boil down to the same manifestations insomnia, back pain, a feeling of weakness in the morning.

    Choose and buy expensive accessories for sleep. Try to pick up the product so that they fully meet the peculiarities of it your body, make sure that the material and quality products worth the money spent. In part, this approach should solve the problem, but there lies a great danger that the products, even the most expensive, but made ​​of traditional materials, quickly lose their elasticity and other qualities required for achieving a truly healthy sleep.

    In life, there is no universal solution to all problems, however, there are funds that are close to the most points. In this case, we suggest you use the products for sleep, made of natural latex. This material has excellent elasticity, making the product adapts to the anatomical features of each person. Natural latex mattress is capable of a very long time, literally years without losing its properties. Latex mattress provides a deep and healthy sleep, which positively affects the health and, consequently, the quality of your life.

    Start your day cheerfully, and you will see how life changes for the better!

    Benefits and limitations of latex mattresses


    · Pain Relief and Prevention

    More than just the function of mattresses, most users of these Latex beds have reported that they could prevent pain and have enjoyed pain reduction with their all-latex beds. In fact, they have been the favorite for those who usually experience lower back pain or who wants to reduce other pains they have experienced. In addition to its durability, it has the capability to relief pressure points by distributing weights evenly throughout the hips, shoulders, and contours of the body.

    · They Are Durable

    The natural latex material that is tapped from the rubber tree is famous for its resilience and durability. One mattress that is made from this material could last several years so that the cost of replacement could be saved over time. Not only are they durable, but also biodegradable, which makes them eco-friendly. Due the combination of elastic properties, they have the capability to be long lasting. They can also resist sagging and don’t lead to creation of body impressions when you just get out of bed.

    · They are Odorless

    Unlike other beds designed from synthetic material, no latex mattresses produce off gassing that causes a lot of disturbances to people who are sensitive to smell. The reason for this is because of the lower quantity of chemicals used in producing them.

    · Excellent Comfort and Support

    If you ask anyone about what they will first look out for when buying a mattress, the most likely answer will be comfort and comfort. Most mattresses are now manufactured from natural latex rubber from the sap of rubber tree. This material makes them anti dust mite, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergic so that they are ideal for allergy sufferers. Moreover, selecting a right one also helps to reduce wastes since the materials you can find from these are renewable and eco-friendly.

    · Breathable and Moisture-Trap Free

    They are manufactured from materials that make them breathable, soft, and usually have the capability to resist moisture. Unlike latex mattresses, synthetic mattresses are often made from materials that could trap moisture and enhance the growth of mildew and mold. Because of the spacious ventilation, it can keep you cooler in summer and warmer in the winter just like the inner mechanisms of your body.

    · Firmness

    The equipment used in manufacturing them is gotten from rubber and these makes them to be firm and solid but not too heavy. Moreover, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress needs to be.


    · They Might Be Too Firm

    One of the limitations common with most beds designed with this material is the firmness. While this can be good for those who have a heavy body mass, most people find it offensive, especially when they just purchase their bed. However, this is often so in the first few weeks of usage, after which the bed will be broken to reach your desired level of firmness.

    Another thing that could save you the stress is to check the Impression Load Deflection (ILD) before buying your bed. Beds with higher ILDs are often firmer while those with lower ILDs are less than firm.

    · Compression and Heat

    The compression is the imprints the bed makes when you sleep on it. Some users reported this after experiencing with their latex mattress. While this complaint is general to all bedding materials, it is relatively less with the mattress with 100% latex material.

    Another reason you could have this problem is if the bed is shared by two or more persons, in which case, the weight of these people might weigh down the bed causing the impression. In addition, some users have also reported that they experienced much hotness, while sleeping, with their latex bedding. To reduce this, I recommend you get a breathable mattress cover.

    · Expensive

    If you have tried to buy one of these in the past, you would know that they are somewhat expensive. This often serves as a barrier to some people who want to try out this type of bed. Those beds manufactured from 100% natural latex may cost thousands of dollars, and even more than you expect if you are buying from showrooms.


    In this review, you have learned about the important things to look out for when buying a latex mattress. When you consider all these things, you will be able to acquire all the information you need based on your own criteria so that at the end of the day, you will be in the position to make an informed decision. I have also included three of the best latex mattresses so that you can easily choose one that fits your needs.

    We wish you good health and pleasant dreams!

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