Best Mattress for Heavy People

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Mmppf! That feeling of relief you get when your back hits your mattress after a long and stressful day. The feeling is priceless and the only way to truly enjoy that experience is by having a good mattress. This is especially important if you are considerably heavily built.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning all sweaty, with an aching back, stiff joints, and tense muscles. It’s messy and can ruin your whole day, making you less productive. Bad mattresses are the leading cause of these symptoms. These symptoms are way worse for heavy bodied people.

With this in mind, a good mattress should be the first thing on your purchase list. A mattress is one of those lifetime investments, where you buy one and forget about mattresses for the next 10 – 20+ years.

Getting constant nights of good rest is important to your overall long-term health. Since a mattress is a long-term investment, you should take time and research to ensure that you purchase the most suitable mattress for your needs.

High-density mattresses cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to the price of buying a decent car. Therefore, as car buyers do, you should also test out your mattress to make sure it is the right mattress for you. Research is a first great step to a great buy but don’t commit to the purchase based on just your research; test it out as well.

But shopping for a mattress can be a little daunting. There are so many things to consider. Comfort and support might be the two most important factors for heavy people, but there are also other important things to consider such as cost, build quality, expected lifetime, cooling effect and so many other factors.

That is why we have dedicated our time and effort in helping you find the correct mattress to suit your sleeping preference. This guide will explore the factors you should consider when buying the best mattress for plus size people. We also take a look at top 5 best mattresses for heavy people in the market today. We hope you enjoy and find it informative.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Plus Size

1. Saatva Mattress

Best Mattress for Obese People

Main Highlights
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit different beds
  • Highly flexible at the foot and head areas
  • Hybrid built; high-density memory foam and innerspring coils
  • checkHigh-quality build materials
  • checkAffordably priced
  • checkOffers great variety in regards to size and firmness level

Do you enjoy breakfast in bed or reading in bed? If so, the Saatva might be the best high-density mattress for you. It offers a great variety of mattresses with different appeals to different people. The firm and luxury firm variants of the mattress provide great options for heavy people.

The standout feature of the Saatva mattress is its adjustable base which makes it one of the most flexible high-density mattress you can purchase. This mattress lets you adjust the angle of your head and feet to give you more support and control whether you’re eating or reading in bed.


Firmness Levels

Saatva offers their mattresses in 3 firm settings;

  • Plush Soft – This is the softest and coziest Saatva mattress. It envelopes your body and gives you the sensation of being hugged while sleeping.
  • Luxury Firm – This variant of Saatva provides the perfect blend of firmness and comfort. It provides the right amount of hug, bounce, and firmness for different sleeping needs. The luxury firm Saatva is the most rounded mattress and is ideal for all body weights.
  • Firm – The firm Saatva has an 8/10 rating for stiffness. While comfortable, this mattress is fundamentally designed to provide support whereby sleepers float on the mattress rather than sink in it. It is ideal for heavy people that predominantly prefer to sleep on their back or stomach.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The individually wrapped coils are perhaps the most significant feature on the Saatva for heavy people, couples, and light sleepers. Since each coil within the mattress is placed independently from other coils, vibrations within the mattress are eliminated.

This means that you if you are a light sleeper, you will sleep through the twisting and turning of your partner if they are having a nightmare. It also means that heavy people can turn in bed without causing subsequent shock ripples across the entire surface of the bed.

2. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

mattress for heavy people

Main Highlights
  • Superior hand-crafted quality build
  • Supports heavy weight with ease
  • Costs a third of the price of other hybrid mattresses
  • checkProvides the perfect level of firmness and comfort
  • checkOffers a class-leading 365-day free trial period
  • checkOffers a lifetime warranty

As its name suggests, the DreamCloud is a luxury mattress that’s designed to provide extreme levels of comfort and support to send you to dreamland.

This hybrid mattress features different technologies in its 8 hand-constructed layers to provide maximum firmness. Technologies such as memory foam, latex as well as tufting and coil equipment make the DreamCloud the ideal mattress for supporting heavy people.


Hybrid Construction

The DreamCloud is like no other mattress when it comes to providing a hybrid experience. Its inside comprises of memory foam and coil springs while the outside is covered in latex.

Very few mattresses if any can boast such a complex combination of different elements. The DreamCloud combines these elements to perfection such that it doesn’t look peculiar but blends in.

Provides a Luxurious Night of Sleep

As with most luxurious mattresses, the DreamCloud provides plush comfort and balanced support. This is largely thanks to the comfortable layers of high-density foams and coil springs which can support heavy-weighted bodies for a lifetime without sinking.

8 Hand Crafted Layers

  • Top Comfort Layer – This 2-inch layer of TrueTufted cashmere provides unprecedented levels of comfort to the DreamCloudmattress.
  • Cooling Layer – This 5-inch layer of Gel Infused Memory Foam provides a cooling effect at the top of the mattress
  • Comfort Layer – This 1.75-inch of soft quilted memory foam is designed to for pressure relief and comfort for heavy people.
  • Response Layer – This 0.5-inch layeris made of natural hypoallergenic latex which is designed to provide bounce and contour for added comfort.
  • Support Layer – This 0.25-inch layer of DreamPlush memory foam provides additional body contouring for more support.
  • Transition Layer – This 0.5-inchlayer of high-density memory foam provides a transition layer between the lower coil support layer and the upper comfort layers for increased firmness.
  • Support Layer – This 7-inch layer of high-quality innerspring coils provides exceptional support to the body with varying stiffness based on the pressure you exert on the mattress.
  • Base Foundation Layer – This 1.5-inch layer is the eighth and bottomlayer of the DreamCloud. It features a super soft memory foam for deep compression support.

3. Layla Sleep Mattress

best mattress for obese people

Main Highlights
  • Provides split personality; you can choose between a hugging sensation or a floating sensation as you sleep
  • Supports all sleeping styles
  • Has copper infusions that provide for cool night’s sleep
  • checkSoft and plush cover
  • checkMade with environment-friendly materials and therefore healthy to sleep on

The Layla is one of the few heavy duty mattresses that offer a flip personality with its flip capability. This flip-sided invertible design makes it an extremely valuable mattress as many mattresses in this class are designed to serve their purpose on one side.

One side of the Layla Mattress offers a soft and fluffy sleeping surface to provide maximum comfort while the other side offers a firmer sleeping surface for enhanced support. The firm side is ideal for heavy people as it provides more backing for their weight.


Copper Infused Memory Foam

Since obese people are more prone to suffer from muscle stiffness and joint inflammation, they will be glad to learn that the copper elements in the Layla help remedy those issues. As you sleep, the copper in the memory foam releases antioxidants which help release tension in your muscles and joints.

Expect Cooler Nights

Excess heat is one of the most common sleep killers for plus size people. When you sleep in a hot bed, you tend to sweat through the night and that leads to an uncomfortable and unsatisfactory sleep time. Again, the Layla mattress solves this issue for you.

How, you ask?

The Layla mattress features 4 layers of memory foam, all of which are copper-induced. Copper is used in this mattress for the same reason it is used in electric cables to carry electricity, and that reason is that copper has cooling properties.

The second layer of the mattress is not only copper-induced but is also less dense than all the other layers of sucking hot air from your body and circulating it across the mattress.

4. Avocado Green Mattress

best mattress for overweight stomach sleeper

Main Highlights
  • Strong and firm support across the entire mattress
  • Purchasing this mattress is a great way of embracing the green movement and lifestyle
  • Offers variety with respect to mattress firmness and size
  • checkBuilt exclusively from naturally occurring and sustainable materials
  • checkOffers pressure point support, pressure relief, and motion isolation

The Avocado Green Mattress is not one of the top rated mattresses in America for no reason. From the moment you lay your eyes on it, you immediately know that it is a piece of gem. The Avocado Green is the first green heavy duty mattress ever to be made.

Quality wise, the Avocado green mattress is superior to other mattresses despite the fact that it’s made from sustainable, naturally occurring materials. Such materials include wool, natural latex, and organic cotton. The fact that it’s built is built in America is also a testament to its high-quality build quality.


Pillow Top or Non-pillow Top?

The Avocado green mattress comes in two variants; a pillow top version and a non-pillow top version. Both are constructed from the same materials. Both variants feature layers of Joma wool and Dunlop latex. However, the pillow top variant offers an additional 2-inches of the Dunlop latex in the comfort system making it more suitable for heavy people.

Hybrid Mattress

Yes, you read correctly, the Avocado Green is a hybrid mattress. You are probably thinking, how can a green mattress possibly be a hybrid mattress as well? Well, the Avocado Green is the first of its kind.

Unlike other mattresses with their memory foam, the Avocado green features organic materials such as wool, organic cotton and natural latex to provide comfort. The hybrid aspect of this mattress comes in form of its support core. The support core features a blend of pocketed coil springs and Dunlop latex rated at 26 – 31 ILD.

The coils are strategically distributed across the mattress with the perimeter getting 16-gauge coils while the center of the mattress features a blend of 41-gauge and 17-gauge coils. The large Avocado Green mattress is ideal for heavy people as it has more coils compared to its smaller counterpart.

5. Loom & Leaf Mattress

best hybrid mattress for heavy people

Main Highlights
  • Eco-friendly build materials; CertiPur US Certified.
  • Has cooling gel in the breathable air channels
  • Handcrafted in the USA, meaning it’s of top quality
  • checkIts memory foam is immune to sinking
  • checkOffers a great deal of support and comfort for heavy bodies

The Loom & Leaf shares the same company as the Saatva mattress featured at number 1 on this guide. The Loom & Leaf mattress is fully developed by Saatva Company which is one of the best at making high-density luxury mattresses.

What’s more is that it is built using the same high-quality materials used to make the Saatvamattress.

However, the Loom & Leaf is a more attractive option as it is priced way cheaper than the aforementioned Saatva mattress. The online-only business model adopted by the Loom & Leaf mattress make it also cheaper to purchase than other mattresses that use substandard layers of foam. A testament to its superior build quality is that it cannot be crushed and shipped in a box.


4 Layers of Pure Comfort and Support

The Loom & Leaf features 4 layers of high-quality memory foam enclosed in an inch-thick soft cotton cover. The layers of foam are as follows;

  • Convoluted memory foam – this is the topmost foam layer and it measures 2-inches. It has a density rating of 4-pounds designed to provide comfort.
  • Contouring memory foam – this layer measures 2.5-inches and has a slightly higher density rating of 5-pounds. This layer is designed to provide bounce and hugging effect when you sleep.
  • Transition loft pad – this layer measures 2-inches and is designed to provide immediate support for body weight. It has a slightly higher density rating than the two layers above it.
  • High-density foam core – this is the last and most dense memory foam in the mattress. It measures 5.5-inches and is meant to provide ultimate support and prevents the mattress from sinking for a lifetime’s use.

Pressure Point Feel

  • Side – this position caused slightly higher than the average pressure on hips and upper shoulder. The stomach received mild pressure. Not as comfortable as the other two positions.

Best Mattress for Plus SIze People- Buying Guide

Build Materials and Quality

The build materials not only affect a mattress’ quality but also determine the worth of the mattress. The best mattresses for heavy people are ones that are hybrid. Hybrid mattresses normally feature a blend of two or more materials making them ideal for heavy people as they provide more support.

Most hybrid mattresses feature a combination of memory foam and coil springs. But there are some unique mattresses such as the Avocado Green which feature a blend of coil springs and naturally occurring materials such as wool, natural latex, and organic cotton.

Expected Life Time

Needless to say, a mattress with a longer life might be a little bit expensive but is better. This is because it is made of high-quality materials and is durable to serve you longer.

Keep in mind that mattress companies set the expected lifetime for mattresses based on average weighted people. Therefore, a mattress’ lifetime might decrease by a few years if you are overweight.

Does it Provide a Cooling Effect?

The argument about overweight people getting hotter in bed than average weight people still divides opinions. Whatever the case, a mattress that provides a cooling effect is good for both sets of people as it prevents sweating at night. The cooling effect provided by mattresses is also therapeutic as it helps release the tension in your bones and muscles.


Before you buy yourself a mattress, first research and then set your budget. Don’t go into it blindly. Coming up with a budget will give a lot of direction to your shopping experience for a mattress.

Thickness, Firmness, and Support

Naturally, thicker mattresses offer more support, and more support is great for heavy people. Firmness also increases support for heavy bodies. It is also true that thicker and firmer mattresses last longer as they are more prone to sinking or sagging.

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