Best Mattress Protectors for Urine: We Reviewed the Best Waterproof Protectors

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A mattress protector is bedding that is replaceable. It provides main protection to mattresses. The mattress itself cannot be washed directly, not unless you risk deforming the foam itself by washing it and drying it.

A mattress protector becomes the primary layer where stains, spills, and perspiration go. That is why it is removable so you can wash it from time to time. Not only does it provided protection against stains, but also from little pests such as bed bugs.

To kill bed bugs and dust mites you must starve them. Bed bugs and dust mites do not only cause skin irritations they can also be the cause of cardio-vascular diseases like asthma and rhinitis. A mattress protector will become the barrier between you and bed bugs and dust mites.

Protection and Safety are the 2 primary reasons why you should get a mattress protector. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Prevent diseases that can be caused by bacteria breeding in your mattress.

So, if you are concerned about your health and your family’s, get a mattress protector today.

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Types of Mattress Protector

1. Aller-Ease Microfiber Mattress Encasement


The Aller-Ease Microfiber Mattress Encasement will give you all the protection you need while you sleep. This protector will prevent bugs from getting into your mattress with zippers that are specially designed to keep them out.

The mattress protector is also a great buy for those who struggle with asthma or have allergies because the barrier will be able to protect them from dust mites, pollen, and even pet dander.

This is ideal for a queen mattress is made from 100-percent polyester with 100-percent polyurethane laminate. This protector also makes for easy washing as it can be washed cold and having it tumble dried with no heat.


Aller-Ease Microfiber Mattress Encasement Review:

The mattress protector was reviewed by only a few customers. Customers found that this could do just what it claimed. This is what the reviews that gave this the highest score of 5 had to say:

A reviewer shared that it did prove to be waterproof and even liked how it did not seem to be like a plastic protector unlike others. Another reviewer also shared that she bought this because she was getting bites from bed bugs; but after she started using it, she no longer got bitten and even bought another one after she moved. The other customer who gave this a high star rating reported that they bought this after it was recommended by a certain Dr. Oz.

On the opposing end, customers noted that they had some issues with this mattress protector. A customer complained that this was such a very low quality product. In less than 3 weeks it also had some tears in it. In addition, she didn’t like the material of it and even the zippers.

One of the main aspects that were given feedback by the reviewers was its quality. From the breakdown of how customers scored this item, we can see that there is a very thin middle line.

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2. Hanna Kay Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

The Hanna Kay Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector comes in a fitted sheet style, and can fit mattress depths from 6 inches to 22 inches.

It effectively keeps the mattress free from stains from liquids, dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. It is designed to be breathable while still repelling liquids, thanks to its revolutionary membrane that is completely waterproof.

The protector is ultra-thin and comes with a cotton terry surface, which helps to keep the feel of your mattress consistent. The mattress pad is ideal for people who suffer from asthma and allergies, and it is covered by a 10-year warranty.


Hanna Kay Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Review:

One of the reviewers described this mattress protector as “awesome.” She had apparently bought this for her expensive mattresses, and she was happy to find that it was everything they were looking for. It was commended for being waterproof and effective at repelling dust mites, while still being breathable.

The reviewers also appreciated the great fit, especially with the absence of bunching or crinkly sounds when the person was lying on it. In fact, one of them went so far as to say that she could even easily forget that she had it on the bed.

The buyers were also very happy with the reasonable price, especially given its excellent quality. One of them shared how she felt that this had effectively saved her mattress several times, given how she often slept with her newborn. She was glad that it was very thin, as it did not steal away from the comfort of her bed.

Another reviewer described it as a very comfortable mattress protector that stayed in place. She was also happy to report that it stood up well through multiple washings, especially when compared with other cheap brands. One of the users had also gone through several brands of mattress protectors, and she felt that this was the best, thanks to its not making any noise and staying cool.

Strangely, the reviewer who gave it a 1.0-star rating complained that it leaked the first time she used it, when her son wet his bed. She was sorely disappointed and complained about how it was not waterproof. Given how all the other reviewers confirmed this quality, though, it seems safe to assume that she must have gotten a defective unit.

With these findings, we would still be very happy to recommend this mattress protector for your use, be it for a child who is still prone to accidents or for adults with incontinence and allergy issues.

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3. LinenSpa Mattress Protector

The LinenSpa Mattress Protector is one of your best buys when you want to buy a protective covering for you and your family. It is waterproof which protects your bed from all kinds of liquid like urine and sweat.

This mattress is designed so that the material is just like the skin in that it is breathable allowing sleepers to be comfortable. This covering will keep dead skin cells from potential dust mites which feed on them. Thus, they will not be able to thrive on the bed. You’ll be protected against dust mites and other things related to them such as asthma and eczema.

In addition, it is made of 100% cotton which is hypoallergenic and has polyurethane lining. Another thing about this mattress is that it does not make any noise when sleepers move around and it’s thin so that you won’t feel a difference in your bed.


LinenSpa Mattress Protector Review:

This protective covering almost received a perfect 5 stars. It had an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Buyers loved this mattress protector. Many of them were conscious and knowledgeable about the consequences of having dust mites survive in your bed. Upon doing some research on this and how to protect themselves, many of them learned about this mattress protector and bought one for themselves.

So many reviewers praised it for its ability to keep out the dust mites and those who have allergies and asthma have been able to get a better good night’s rest as well. Mothers have commented on how it has saved their bed from their children’s urinating or other spills. Its waterproof ability is guaranteed by some of the reviewers.

One customer liked the fact that it didn’t make sounds when she moved around in the bed and that it was made of a thin material so she felt comfortable. A very satisfied reviewer said that this is product is not just a protector, but an investment as well. When it came to washing, a reviewer appreciated that it was easy to wash and she saw that it did not have any shrinking problems.

There were also some negative comments by the reviewers about the mattress protector. One said that the elastic of this protector did not hold securely to the bed; thus, every time she woke up, it was almost removed and she had to spend a lot of time making her bed. She also complained that it made noises when she slept. She felt that she wasted her money on this product.

Contrary to the mothers above, others did not have the same “waterproof” experience. So many dissatisfied mothers said that it did not provide protection from the urine and leaks that their children had. Others also pointed out that they believed the fabric was not at all breathable. Many complained of waking up in perspiration.

Although there were some negative points about this product, most of those that reviewed it believed in its quality and its delivery. If you are looking for a way to protect yourself and your family from potential harm and leaks, this is one of the best buys recommended.

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4. Cal King Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector

The Cal King Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector give users sweet dreams because of the protection that it provides. This item will protect you against allergens, bacteria, dust mites, perspiration and even other fluids such as urine and other spills.

This Mattress protector is an investment especially for those who suffer from asthma and eczema. It is 100% waterproof but still allows for air circulation which means that it is breathable. This is due to the Luna Air Technology.

It fits snugly onto the bed and users will like the hypoallergenic material that also won’t be noisy as they sleep. This product is made in the USA.


Cal King Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Review:

Several customers thought that this was a great item. A customer thought that this was a good and quality protector. This reviewer liked it because it didn’t feel like a plastic cover or make any plastic crinkling sounds at night. On top of that, this proved to be a real waterproof product. Another customer commented that it was very soft to sleep on and comfortable too.

There were many pet owners who were satisfied to have it; one reviewer shared that it did well in protecting their bed since her pet sleeps on the bed at times. Some of the reviewers also pointed out that there wasn’t any problem with washing and drying it.

Though, some customers had issues with this mattress protector. A customer found that it wasn’t big enough for the mattress. Another complained that she had wished that it wasn’t a terry cloth but something like cotton. However, she did mention that it wasn’t such a big deal since a bed sheet covered it. One reviewer also shared that it sometimes got a little bit too warm. A customer also questioned the breathability of it because of the materials used.

This has received great feedback and rating. We believe that this is a protector that is made with strong materials and is of high quality.

We recommend this because we believe that taking care of family members should also extend to making sure that they get the restful sleep by making sure that they are protected against things that could give them allergies and perspiration and more. This is a great item for any member of the family from babies to grandparents. For its reasonable price this is a good buy and one that will be able to serve for a long time.

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5. Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Queen Size

The Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Queen Size is your best bet for protecting your mattress from perspiration, urine or other fluids, as well as dust mites, allergens, and bacteria.

This makes it perfect not only for adult beds but also for shared beds with toddlers who still have accidents every now and then. The membrane set in a fitted sheet design is 100% waterproof and can fit mattresses up to a height of 18 inches.

It utilizes Luna Airflow Technology to allow air to circulate throughout the protector while keeping liquids repelled. The surface is made of hypoallergenic cotton terry, making it virtually noiseless and making no change to the feel of the mattress. It also naturally absorbs moisture.

This mattress protector is great for people who suffer from eczema, asthma, and allergies.


Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Queen Size Review:

The reviewers were generally happy about the quality and the price of this mattress protector. Many of them commended it for exceeding their expectations.

One reviewer tested the protector by running it under the faucet; she confirmed it to be waterproof. She appreciated the top terry cloth as being pleasant and soft and for not making any crackling sound. She also appreciated how it slipped on and off just like a fitted sheet, making it easy to put on and take off. Other reviewers confirmed it as being excellent all the way.

At least one buyer had reached the point of wondering whether waterproof and breathable were two mutually exclusive until she found this protector.

Meanwhile, for those who had issues with this mattress protector, one user wished it could protect not just the top of the mattress. Another reviewer complained about how the item made her and her husband sweat profusely in their sleep. She felt that the product might be better suited for colder climates, and still gave it a 3.0-star rating for the quality of the material and the great fit.

Column 2

From these reviews, we would be very happy to recommend this mattress protector for you. However, if you are prone to sweating at night or if you live in extremely warm weather, you might have the same problem brought up by the reviewer, so it might be best to continue looking. Otherwise, this has been tested and proven to be of good quality.

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6. Malouf Sleep Tite Mattress Protector

The Malouf Sleep Tite Mattress Protector is a fully elasticized protector in a fitted sheet style. Universally sized, it fits all mattresses with depths ranging from 6 inches to 22 inches.

It is designed to be 100% waterproof, repelling all liquids, including perspiration, spills, urine, and other bodily fluids. The surface fabric is 100% cotton terry and hypoallergenic; a polyurethane backing adds to its fight against bed bugs, bacteria, and dust mites. The material is also breathable, ultra-thin, quiet, and cool, allowing you to enjoy the way your mattress is made to be.

The manufacturer covers this product with a 15-year warranty for performance, workmanship, and even daily wear and tear.


Malouf Sleep Tite Mattress Protector Review:

Those who were impressed with this mattress protector loved how it did not change how the mattress felt. They also appreciated how it did not cause sweating or overheating like other protectors they had previously tried.

One reviewer described it as a very nice combination of comfort and waterproof properties. She also confirmed how it fit their thicker mattress perfectly and washed nicely and dried quickly. She shared how her kids once spilled a full glass of water and none of the water went through the protector. Of course, she noted that it was the top portion of the protector that was water-proof; fortunately, in her case, the water had spilled down the sides.

One user who was not too happy with her purchase said that it was not possible for any protector to be both breathable and waterproof; she complained about this product for not breathing at all. Interestingly, no other reviewer seemed to have the same issue, so either it was a defective unit or that reviewer only happened to have higher standards than most.

From these reviews, we would be very happy to recommend this mattress protector for your daily use. You will notice the difference, especially if you have tried many other brands without having been satisfied with them.

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7. Newpoint Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector

The Newpoint Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector is a breathable protector for any bed. It is very easy to maintain, as you can simply wash it in the washing machine using warm water. This will help keep your mattress protected from damage caused by spills and other fluids.

The protector may also double as a mattress cover for feather beds, or use it with a quilted mattress pad. The elastic skirt of this protector is heavy duty, expendable, and can fit mattresses with a maximum thickness of 21 inches. This will give anyone a hygienic sleeping environment.


Newpoint Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector Review:

The buyers reported having been surprised by the quality of this product, especially for the affordable price. One of them had had another brand of mattress protector that deteriorated after wear and tear, and she wanted to replace it with a more affordable option. When she bought this protector, she had expected it to be cheap and to seem like a plastic sheet, but she was pleasantly surprised to find it just as good as the expensive one that she was replacing. She described it as having a rubbery membrane while the top was made of terry cloth.

The sides were reportedly stretchy, giving it a perfect fit over her mattress. At least one buyer described this as the best mattress protector in the market. She commended it for being of high quality and being safe for use in the washer and dryer. One of them described this as having saved them many times for its being completely waterproof.

Meanwhile, some buyers did not have similar happy experiences with their purchase. One of them had had high hopes for this protector, but she was disappointed that it was not the least bit waterproof.

Another user described it as thin and flimsy, with cheap fabric that covered plastic material. She felt this was as poorly made as she ever thought.

From these reviews, it would be a bit risky to recommend this mattress protector for you, as there seemed to be many reviewers who had trouble with their purchase. Then again, it comes at a lower price than most mattress protectors, so if you simply need one for backup, this might still be a good deal. Just remember not to rely on this for crucial waterproofing needs.

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8. Priva Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector

The Priva Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector is a great choice for keeping the sheets dry throughout the night. It is designed to protect sensitive skin from too much moisture while sleeping, whether through perspiration or urination.

It can go over the bottom sheet to keep the mattress as well as sheets protected from both moisture and staining. It is also oversized, measuring 52 inches long, to give you maximum protection and absorption.

Its non-slip backing also keeps it from slipping off your mattress unnecessarily.


Priva Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector Review:

One of the reviewers appreciated the pad for being waterproof and being just like those used in hospitals, only at twice the size of hospital pads. She shared how she bought two of these for her aged mother with incontinence issues who could really wet herself in the night; she was happy to find that the pad really keeps the sheets as well as the bed from getting wet, and even raved that if she could give it a rating higher than 5.0 stars, she would do so. She also liked how comfortable it was to lie on.

Another buyer got this for her preschooler who just moved to a big girl bed, and she was happy to have found this that kept her from changing sheets so often. She also added that she found expensive pads that came with radio control that alerted the parents when the child had wet her bed, but she felt that it was not necessary to spend the extra money.

One of the reviewers who were not too happy with the purchase complained about the pads not staying in place. She got one of these for one of her elderly parents who had incontinence, and she admitted that the protector looked to be of good quality, and felt nice. However, it moved around too much, proving to be a source of annoyance and discomfort for her mother. Strangely, other reviewers did not seem to have a similar problem.

From these findings, we would be very happy to recommend this mattress protector for you, whether you need to use it for a child or an adult, or even a pet.

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9. Protect A Bed Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector California King

The Protect a Bed Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector California King works in three special ways. It is waterproof with its polyurethane film that can block fluid like perspiration and urine.

Its fabric is also breathable which means that it won’t be hot sleeping on it because the pad will be able to handle the body’s perspiration or vapor. Family members struggling with dust mites and other allergens will be protected against those things as well.

Maintaining this one won’t be a problem since it only needs washing with warm water and to be tumbled dry on medium heat as well.


Protect A Bed Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector California King Review:

Customers thought that this came at a good price and performed well. A wife shared that it has been able to perform well and protect the mattress from her husband’s night sweats.

Another customer agreed that it is breathable and shared that she liked how it was made overall and felt that it was made with quality and fit her bed perfectly and when she’s on the bed she doesn’t feel that it’s there.

The mattress protector however did not deliver well to some customers. A couple customers reported that it was not waterproof at all. She exclaimed that the selling of this product was like a scam.

Another customer had a similar experience in that it lost its waterproof feature after the 10th wash in which the customer claimed to have followed instructions. All the customer service had to say was that nothing could be done after the interview. The other customer shared that her son had an accident and the urine went right through to the mattress. Reviewers warned potential consumers from buying it.

We believe that we can’t recommend this product since customers had such strong opposing views on this protector as evidenced by the way that it was scored. It may not prove to be a valuable investment since its quality and performance is in question.

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10. SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector Twin Size

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector Twin Size is a perfect fit for every member of the family.

This protector which is backed by a 10-year warranty will be able to protect family members against dust mites, bacteria, and even fluids like urine or perspiration. For those who have health concerns such as eczema and asthma will also appreciate this.

In addition, it has hypoallergenic cotton terry surface with membrane back coating so that users can sleep soundly at night without worrying about making crinkling sounds as they move around in bed. This fits up to 14 inches.

Protecting the family is a daily duty and with this item, users can even be protected at night.


SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector Twin Size Review:

Customers reported why they liked this protector so much. A mother was very happy with her purchase because she could protect her family members from allergens and fluid stains. This item was recommended to her especially since her two daughters had asthma. This reviewer liked the fact that it was thin and didn’t make any sounds. It is a good fit and the reviewer could notice that her daughters didn’t seem to have any issues with it.

Another reviewer who had children in the process of potty-training stated that it has been able to protect the bed very well. It protects against leaks and accidents. The reviewer also noticed that even though it is waterproof, it’s still breathable. In addition, it also worked great for her husband who had allergies.

This mattress protector however received some negative feedback but by only a few percentage of the customers. There was only 6% that gave this item the lowest score of 2 who said that her protector was not waterproof as her daughter accidentally spilled a cup onto it and the fluid went through the protector. One other reviewer also stated that her protector prevented leakage except for once.

Any member of the family can benefit from using this mattress protector. It is great for small children and even for older members of the family. Those that have issues with allergens, pet hair, dust mites and more can also have better health by using this product.

We believe that this is a great buy for its purposes and because it received such a high average customer rating. In addition, this item has a 10-year warranty which is another way for the company to say that they believe that their product will deliver a great performance. As reported by some customers, this came at a reasonable price which is a great investment.

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11. SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector is a great way to keep the mattress free from liquids like urine and perspiration while also discouraging the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and allergen.

The terry surface is made of hypoallergenic cotton, and comes with a membrane for a back coating. This makes the mattress protector virtually noiseless, breathable, and waterproof.

This mattress protector is perfect for families with kids, members with eczema, asthma, allergies, or incontinence issues. This has been designed to keep the feel of your mattress consistent, and comes in a fitted sheet design, fitting a thickness of up to 18 inches.


SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector Review:

One of the reviewer shared how she was ordering her third piece of this product as she loved it so much. She confirmed that it truly was waterproof; she also shared that she sent one of these to her parents, who also loved it. They all liked how the protector did not give off heat like other brands did, as it made for a good night’s sleep.

The reviewers also commended this mattress protector for being of very good quality and coming at a good price. Another user shared how she got this when she had her baby, and it worked great at protecting their mattress from spills and spit-ups. At least one reviewer also shared about how she had tried many other brands and was satisfied only with this one.

One of the reviewers did not like this mattress protector as much, though, complaining that it was way too slippery and tended to slide off under her sheets. She was greatly frustrated and had to spend more money to buy sheet suspenders just to get around the issue. Interestingly, it might have been an issue of using the vinyl-like surface as the top layer, as that would tend to be slippery, compared to the terry cloth side.

From these findings, we would be very happy to recommend this mattress protector for you.

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12. Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Blend Waterproof with Laminate Mattress Pad

The Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Blend Waterproof with Laminate Mattress Pad is a perfect fit for a twin bed looking for absolute comfort and protection.

It is a wonderful mattress that may be a mother’s best friend when it comes to her children; but any family member may enjoy this waterproof pad. It is waterproof and can fit mattresses which are from 4 to 15 inches thick.

Another interesting feature of this product is its Expand-A-Grip skirt. This skirt can be stretched in any of the two directions. Also, per square yard has 6 ounces of polyester fiber. To make it easy on the hands, it is machine washable.


Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Blend Waterproof with Laminate Mattress Pad Review:

Many moms have attested to how wonderful this mattress was for them. So many mothers bought this mattress for their children whose diapers were leaking with urine, were on their way to potty training or needed a waterproof mattress just in case of accidents.

A relieved mother was happy that this “waterproof” mattress was even able to handle the unique medical condition of her son whose urine was so acidic that it destroyed other mattresses.

Another reviewer also liked the fact that the mattress was soft and made of material that did not cause sleeping individuals to sweat. Several customers also pointed out that this mattress was easy to wash unlike other waterproof mattresses and was durable enough to handle all the machine washes. Even couples are ordering this bed because it is comfortable.

This mattress pad was not one of the best buys for some of the customers. Many pointed out that after receiving this product, they realized that it didn’t fit their beds. On top of that, one reviewer said that it was easy to keep sliding off the mattress, which of course is something that no sleeping individual would like to happen.

Unfortunately, some reviewers had the experience of their mattress shrinking after several washes that one of them said that they would no longer buy this product. Others also found that the skirt wasn’t a good fit and wished that it was sewn on instead.

Most of those who gave negative reviews about this product complained that the mattress was a bit oversized. Following the positive comments of the reviewers, many still found that this mattress solved their problems of keeping their beds free from any urinating accidents.

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13. Sleep Defense System Mattress Encasement

The Sleep Defense System Mattress Encasement provides protection to keep the family healthy and to promote a good night’s rest.

This protector will be able to help prevent from bugs and allergens from getting on the bed. It is lab tested to be bed bug proof.

Also, the protector has a waterproof barrier on 6 sides of the mattress. This will be able to cater mattresses from 10 inches to 18 inches in depth. It has a zipped cover for easy removal.

The polyester material makes it breathable so that it won’t be too hot while you sleep. This item has a 5-year warranty.


Sleep Defense System Mattress Encasement Review:

A customer shared that they had a bed bugs in the house. Upon being advised by the bed bug exterminator to buy mattress protectors, this customer decided to buy this. She gave this item a 5-star rating. She reported that the feel of the mattress was soft and that it did not bother them while they slept.

Another customer who has asthma bought this and was satisfied by its performance. This customer is a pharmacist and recommended to other allergen or asthma suffers to make better health choices such as buying a mattress protector. It was reported that it didn’t make any sound while she slept and it was also soft. In addition, she liked the zippers and that it also had a cover to provide extra protection from bedbugs. She has been able to sleep well using it.

There were customers that were not so happy with this mattress protector. A few of them shared their disappointments like one customer who received his item with orange stains on it straight from the box. The customer asked for another item that had no stains but there was no acknowledgement or feedback on his request. This customer was worried that the stains might also get to his mattress affecting his mattress’s 10-year warranty. One other customer also received his package with stains on it. This reviewer recommended consumers to buy elsewhere.

It seems that that the issues raised were only incidental since more than half of the customers were thoroughly satisfied with their purchase. We believe that this is a great investment and is a need to have to provide a healthier life for family members. This is a quality product with high performance that should not be ignored.

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Guidelines for Choosing a Good Mattress Protector

Here are some guidelines for choosing a good one.

· Materials: Of course, a mattress protector is supposed to be the one providing protection. How can it, if it is flimsy and is easily damaged? It is important that you check what materials are used to maximize protection. Another important thing about materials is to make sure they are safe. Mostly, PVCs and phthalates are harmful chemicals contained in a mattress.

· Structure: Be sure that the structure can entirely cover your mattress to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from coming out. A mattress protector that has a zipper is highly recommended. This ensures that your mattress is fully enclosed against stains.

· Fit: Before buying measure your mattress to find the correct size of mattress protector. This ensures that your protector won’t move often or slide up or down. Loose fitting protectors make awful sounds so to prevent it make sure that your protector hugs your mattress.

· Features: Features like breathable mattress and waterproof are the basics most people look for in a protector. Protector are often said to be warm, that is why some people refuse to use them. Look for a mattress that is waterproof to avoid stains that can be caused by water spills and the like.

Before you go shopping, make sure you go through these tips. Finding a good mattress protector is easy if you know what you are looking for.