Bamboo Pillow Reviews- Comfy or Empty Marketing Rhetoric?

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Bamboo pillows are made from all natural bamboo pulp. Quite essentially they are the most eco-friendly pillow you can own. These pillows are softer than cotton and stay dry on hot sticky summer nights.

What is a Bamboo Pillow?

Bamboo pillows are a newer product that have utilized a new form of fabric that is stronger than silk and still maintains a softness that both rivals, and exceeds cotton. Because of the nature of bamboo, these pillows actually manage to stay cooler all night compared to other pillows which retain heat and cause constant flipping and readjusting by the users.

The inside is composed of shredded memory foam which maintains the cushioning and comfort, without stiffing up and becoming harder over time. The clothe itself was a revolution of fabric, resourcing bamboo plants into a durable form that create a hypoallergenic material that resists mold and dust mites.

As a pillow, it is machine washable, and conforms to fit the user with many different ways to use it. These pillows are actually soft, medium, and firm without having to buy different ones for each purpose. On its side it is soft, easy to sleep and find the right spot to get comfortable.

If you need a little more support then you can lay it flat and let it form to the angle of your neck and head to keep you propped a little more, and sleep with a better sense of ease in the process. Folding it in half, and not ruining its integrity, creates a firm pillow to keep yourself propped up for reading, watching television, and firm support while you rest.

The following are one of the best pillows you can find on Amazon.

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Types of Bamboo Pillows

1. Original Bamboo Pillows – Set of 2 Standard Size – Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Adjustable & Customizable – Hypoallergenic Pillowcase

2. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Covering – King

3. 2 Pack Plixio Queen Size Shredded Cooling Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow with Moisture Wicking Cover- Removable Cases with Viscous Made from Bamboo

4. Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Shredded Memory Foam Standard Bamboo Pillow with Cover

5. Original Bamboo Pillow

6. Five Diamond Collection Washable Hypoallergenic Bamboo Covered Shredded Memory Foam Standard Pillow

7. Original Bamboo Natural PEDIC Memory Foam Adjustable Zipper Standard Bamboo Pillow with Case

8. Coccyx Cushion – Sciatica and Herniated Disc Relief – Premium Seat Pillow – Original Bamboo Memory Foam – Pelvic Pain & Tailbone Tension Relief

9. Original Bamboo 7W-XA21-2IV2 Foam Pillow with Removable Bamboo Cover, Queen Size

10. Original Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow (Queen)

Does this Pillow Worth Buying?

This pillow essentially hugs you back and last longer than many other pillows on the market. It is ideal for those who have a hard time sleeping at night, or waking up with neck pains and uncomfortable stiffness.

The design of the Bamboo Pillow allows for the complete comfort of the user, with multiple functionality in the way you can utilize it in your everyday use. Regardless of how it is turned, bent, shaped, or used this pillow maintains it shape and comfort for longer periods than the other pillows. If it becomes dirty, or you want to reduce the chance of smell accumulation, it is both washing machine and dryer safe.

However, the way it is designed doesn’t just wick moisture, but resists many odors from clinging to it creating an unpleasant scent to your night time rest. Down to the design of the pillow, it is very eye appealing without a pillow case and allows for attractive bed décor when your bed is not in use.

The cloth used is very durable and resistant to tearing, ripping, and puncturing from accidental causes which serves its main goal of lasting long with the quality you need to have a good night sleep with a conforming pillow that supports and stays cool all night long.


Bamboo Pillow Contributes to a Better Sleep

Using the bamboo pillow has brought me more sleep than I thought was possible. While creating more comfort and conforming to my head, it caused me to turn and toss less so I could sleep deeper and rest appropriately for the next day. It manages to stay cool all night and that has been beneficial to me for a good night sleep, not waking up to flip my pillow constantly is a dream come to life.

The memory foam inside helps me get into the perfect position faster, and allows me to relax easier to make sure I am not tossing and turning all night while struggling and hitting my pillow just to feel that fluff I need. When I had first come across this pillow, I thought that it would be like other memory foam pillows, I had before, that retained a smell and eventually got stiff and uncomfortable.

However, after using this pillow for a week I was awakened the fact that this pillow really does get more comfortable every night and does not stop from amazing me when I lay my head down on it to just relax and watch television. When I am trying to stay propped up all I have to do is fold it in half, and it stays firm for longer periods of time to serve a proper support for my back and my head when I am reading or watching a movie.


A few benefits of Bamboo Pillows:

  • Organic
  • Machine washable
  • Therapeutic
  • Comfortable
  • Extreme support
  • Beneficial to people who suffer from allergies
  • Stays cool and dry (special benefits of the hypoallergenic fabric)



I wouldn’t just recommend one of these Bamboo pillows to everyone, even my family and friends for better comfort and support. This is by far one of the softest pillows I have had the pleasure of using, even more than the cotton pillows, in retrospect that I have paid too much for in the past. After a couple months of use, my other pillows have become flat and forced me to double stuff my pillow cases to provide the minimum comfort I could have, this pillow hasn’t done that.

Before I was forced to fight my pillows giving me a stiff neck, and slight back pains. Instead of fighting this pillow, I can hug it and it hugs back, I know I will wake up feeling refreshed and without the same neck pains and stiffness as before.

My bamboo pillow is still comfortable and conforming, not flat and unsatisfying. Being able to throw it in the washer and dryer with my bed linens, without having to hang dry it, has been a blessing I didn’t know I needed. The material itself has been wonderful, resisting dust mites and moisture on the muggy days has caused me to sleep in when my other pillows become dampening and mildewed.

Consider buying this pillow and you’ll be amazed! Best pillow ever.

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