Best Stop Snoring Solutions for a Snoring Partner

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For many years, snoring was a problem in my home. It’s a problem that I deal with, and something that my wife has had to bear because her sleep was always interrupted by my loud snoring. Those of you who have the same problem know what I’m talking about.

So to avoid the increasing tension between husband and wife, I had to find a solution and fast. I researched and experimented with various stop snoring solutions to find out which among them would work for me.

In my research, I came across numerous products such as throat sprays, chin straps, nasal strips, stop-snoring pillows and homeopathic remedies. Take a look at the following over the counter stop snoring products available now:

1. Snoring Pillows

You can use a memory foam pillow that will give enough support to your head so that air can flow properly in your airways. There are also stop snoring pillows like Snore No More, Sonar Pillow and Brookstone that will enable you to sleep on one side instead of lying on your back.

2. Snoring Nose Strips

If you’ve tried pillows and they didn’t work for you then you may be interested in nose strips such as Breathe Right. They work up opening up your airways to avoid sinus blockage or a blocked nose.

3. Anti Snoring Rings

Acupressure has been known to cure a wide array of ailments. Now it’s been purported to stop snoring. Anti snoring rings use acupressure except that they don’t use needles. All you need to do is to wear the ring on your finger (pinky) and it will alleviate your problem.

4. Airway Pressure Strips

This functions somewhat like a CPAP machine that you can buy without a prescription. It looks like a bandage that you place under your nose so that it creates airway pressure to open up your nasal airways.

5. Snoring Chin Straps

These devices function by holding your lower jaw and pushing it forward. It tightens your throat and then prevents snoring sound that is usually produced in the throat. One good example of this is My Snoring Solution.

6) Rollover Prevention Device

You can wear this device around your chest and will create a wedged position on your back so that you won’t roll over. For some people, this would stop their snoring problem.

What’s the Ultimate Solution for a Snoring Partner?

As you can clearly see, there are numerous options when it comes to stop snoring solutions. But I needed to find one that will really work for me so that I can finally sleep in the same room and bed as my wife!

I read tons of articles and reviews about these products. Somehow, after reading so many materials I got scared and became doubtful of whether these products really worked. I set an appointment with my doctor because I wanted to get a professional medical opinion on the matter and I also wanted to be checked if I may have sleep apnea.

Fortunately, my doctor told me it’s not sleep apnea and that my only issue is snoring. He gave me a few suggestions:

  1. He told me not to sleep on my back.
  2. Advised me to cut down my alcohol consumption and avoid sedatives.
  3. He also recommended that I try using a customized mandibular adjustment device or MAD.

I got really curious about MADs so I asked him more questions about it. He explained that these devices work simply by placing a mouthpiece that will push my lower jaw forward. Doing so will tighten throat muscles which in turn will stop the vibrations in the throat when air passes in the airways.

Great! This product will surely work for me, I thought.

But there’s just one problem: the price.

The darn thing costs at least $1,500!

So I thought about it and decided to instead look for an oral mouthpiece that works in the same way but cheaper. I began searching online to see if there are similar MADs for snoring that I could buy.

I was surprised to find out that there are actually many snoring devices brands being sold online and they cost anywhere from $35 to $200. Can you imagine the huge price difference?

The products had different features depending on the brand and manufacturer.

  • Some have features that enable you to adjust the snoring mouthpiece so that it fits you well.
  • Some are only available in one size and no way for you to adjust.
  • Some mouthpieces have breathing holes so you can breathe through your mouth.
  • Some are boil and bite devices that you can somehow customize to fit your teeth.
  • And then there are those that come with a mold where you can fit your mouth and then send it back to a laboratory so that they can create a custom fitted mouthpiece.

You have to consider so many things before buying a stop snoring solution. But for most people (myself included) comfort and the right fit are what matters the most.

Try to avoid cheaper products because they are mostly made of flimsy or poor quality materials. Stay away from one size fits all products because they’re not really very effective and can even pose a danger when you sleep.

Why are Snoring Mouthpieces More Effective than OTC Snoring Solutions?

The main drawback of OTC snoring solutions is that they don’t solve the root cause of your problem: the looseness of throat muscles.

With MADs, your throat muscles are tightened thus preventing snoring. Chinstraps may have the same idea but they do not push your lower jaw forward so it’s not as effective in tightening the throat.

If you are really bent on finding a stop snoring solution that works, here are your options:

  1. Mandibular adjustment devices:

Boil and bite

Adjustable (SnoreRx and Vitalsleep)

Custom Fitted

Hinged Jaw (Zquiet)

  1. Tongue Stabilizing Devices

One example would be Good Morning Snore Solution which is truly effective.

Do take a look at my snoring mouthpiece comparison chart where I have reviewed some of the best stop snoring products available today.

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