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Hello there! My name is Peter and I am an very keen reviewer of products and services available on the internet. I like to think I am able to provide completely honest and unbiased reviews in an attempt to help people make informed decisions.

The aim of this SnoreRx Review Page is certainly not to try and convince you to buy SnoreRx. The goal is to provide as much information as I can to help you decide one way or another if SnoreRx is something that might help you or not.

We are all different and we relate to a variety of different things. It is not for me to say this product is one of the best snoring cures in the world and you should go out and buy it before you go to bed tonight.

What I can guarantee you is; I have completed some extensive research on the SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece. The task I have set for myself is to provide you with all the information I have gathered, so that you can make a better informed purchasing decision.

What’s SnoreRx?

The SnoreRX mouthpiece is an ergonomically-designed, custom-fitted device designed to alleviate the conditions that cause snoring.

Snorerx review 2018

  1. The device’s ability to mold itself to each individual’s specific dimensions gives unmatched comfort. SnoreRX uses a process called mandibular re-positioning that adjusts the lower jaw, clearing the air passageways for smooth, unobstructed breathing.
  2. SnoreRX’s Micro-Fit engineering allows it to be adjusted in 1mm increments. This gradual increase in the alignment process has been clinically proven to deliver better results than techniques than those employed by its competitors like springs and rubber bands.
  3. Another advantage SnoreRX’s has over its competitors is its Thermal-Fit feature. Thermal-Fit gives you a snug, comfortable fit, eliminating movement that could lead to less than desirable results.
  4. The patented V-Flow air-flow system ensures smooth, even airflow while breathing. Obstructed airflow creates vibrations which causes snoring. The V-Flow system eliminates those vibrations so that you can get a quiet, restful night’s sleep.

Unlike other devices that are made of hard ceramics that provide little or no protection, the SnoreRX mouthpiece comes with special copolymer cushions that adds an extra layer of protection between your mouth and the device, lessening the chance, or degree, of soreness your mouth incurs .

SnoreRX’s advanced Posi-Lock system gives you the ability to lock the device to the setting you desire for a consistent fit.

snore rxWith this feature, you can feel confident that the re-alignment process is advancing properly. The setting can also be changed as improvement in lower jaw realignment is made. This feature is often highlighted in SnoreRX reviews.

To ensure that you get the best results possible, SnoreRX has included an additional feature called V-Alignment. The V-Alignment feature ensures that the jaw is perfectly centered, or aligned. This prevents the obvious undesired result of a misaligned jaw that can occur with other devices that don’t have this feature.

SnoreRX’s also includes a feature controls the lateral movement of the lower jaw. The Flex-Jaw feature controls lateral shift that can occur with devices.

The importance of keeping the lower jaw as stable as possible during the realignment process cannot be overstated. Once the process has taken place, it cannot be reversed without extreme difficulty.

We saved what is probably the most technologically-advanced feature of the SnoreRX mouthpiece for last. The Calibrator allows you to monitor your progress of the realignment process by providing a clear readout of lower jaw advancement. Conveniently located on the side of the device, the data is presented in easy-to-read numerical form.

Unlike other devices that uses screws, or rods which can chip teeth; or springs, rubber bands, or other torsion devices that can exert excessive strain on the lower jaw, SnoreRX’s advanced, form-fitting design allows you to gently accomplish the desired results without subjecting your mouth to such harsh treatment.

Our superior device is made from top-grade copolymers rather than hard acrylics for a long-lasting, comfortable fit. It is not unusual for customers using this device to realize a lifespan of up to 15 months.

The SnoreRX mouthpiece has proven itself to be an effective treatment for snoring and as a lower jaw repositioning device. Millions of satisfied customers have benefitted from its advanced technological design. Now, there’s no reason for anyone to suffer through night-after-night of restless sleep because they are constantly being interrupted by their snoring. The SnoreRX mouthpiece has a proven track record for alleviating this nuisance, while at the same time preventing some of the adverse health risks that have been associated with snoring.

How much SnoreRX  Mouthpiece cost ?

Millions have already taken advantage of this amazing device; now, you too can become one of them by ordering your SnoreRX today. This technologically advanced, FDA approved device can be purchased for a paltry $99.00. Compare this to similar devices. Or, you can realize even greater savings by purchasing two (One for you, and one for your spouse) for just $154.00.

Additional Information

Snorerx is one of the many MAD anti-snoring devices we have in the market today.

How does snorerx work?
Snorerx is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which stops snoring by holding your lower jaw in a forward position.

In this forward position, your airway is opened up and your breathing is improved. This in turn stops you from snoring.

What is snorerx made of?
People, myself included are very cautious when purchasing oral devices due to the sensitivity of their nature. With snorerx you need not worry because it is made of FDA approved medical grade copolymer.

Why Snorerx?
As I stated earlier, Snorerx is just a drop in the ocean that is anti-storing products. There are however unique features that sets it apart from all the rest.

It is adjustable

The manufacturer’s call this feature ‘flex jaw.’ Unlike other similar products, you can adjust the device till the desired position is achieved. This makes it comfortable to sleep in. Furthermore, it comes with calibrations which allow you to know the exact position that is ideal for you.

On top of this, snorerx comes with a posi lock which keeps the selected settings locked in. You can unlock it and readjust at will.

Money back guarantee

The creators of snorerx know and understand the fact that this product is not appealing to everyone. Some will like it while others won’t!

For this reason, they offer a money back guarantee (less shipping costs) within 30 days of purchase.

SnoreRx Has a Long Lifespan

The medical grade copolymer that is used to make snorerx is durable giving snorerx a lifespan of 12-15 months. Other products lifespan range between 4-9 months.

Comes with a molding feature

This makes it comfortable since you can use a soft mouthpiece in its place all night.

A product for almost everyone

The ability to adjust snorerx makes it comfortable for use even for people with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Available virtually worldwide

Snorerx retails all over the USA as well as in 39 other countries across the globe. Even if you forget yours at home while on a trip abroad there is no need to worry as you can easily obtain it in the visiting country.

In the event that the country you will visit doesn’t retail it you can easily have it shipped to you via FedEx.

Custom thermal fit

This makes it possible to custom fit it so that it fits perfectly to your mouth.

Other reasons that make snorerx stand above the rest are; it meets and exceeds new Medicare standards, it is approved by the FDA, AMASS and AASM.

Fitting, care, usage and safety

How do I custom fit my snorerx?

To achieve this, you need a timer, water, a nonmetallic cup and a pair of tongs or a spatula.

Once you have them, follow these easy steps;

  1. Using the nonmetallic cup, boil water in the microwave.
  2. Remove the water and dip the snorerx for exactly 90 seconds.
  3. Remove the snorerx with the aid of the tongs or spatula
  4. Dip it in tap water for about 3 seconds to get rid of the hot water
  5. Bite down firmly for 30 seconds
  6. Remove the snorerx from your mouth and dip it in tap water for 60 seconds so as to set the impression.
  7. Set snorerx to the default factory jaw setting (3).

How do I adjust my Snorerx?

  1. Holding the snorerx in a ‘C’ position, squeeze both sides of the lower jaw piece.
  2. Slide the upper tray in the 1-10 direction while squeezing both sides so as to advance the lower jaw piece forward.
  3. Rock the upper tray side-side so as to reposition
  4. Adjust Snorerx by 1mm increments until desired position is achieved.

Personally, I had to retry custom fitting my Snorerx a couple of times before I finally got it to fit me perfectly. If you experience difficulty, try again until it is perfect.

How long does it take to get used to?

The first two nights was uncomfortable. The teeth, jaw and gums felt sore and fatigued. By the third night, my mouth was growing used to it though there was still some soreness and fatigue.

By night 5, I was totally used to it felt like a part of me. I experienced no discomfort henceforth.

How Do You Clean your Snorerx?

snorerx reviews cleaning
How to Clean SnoreRx Snoring Mouthpiece

Being an oral device, hygiene is of utmost importance. After waking up, put the snorerx in a place where it can dry so as to prevent bacterial build up.

Every so often, after every two days for me, wash the snorerx with water, toothbrush and toothpaste. Ultrasonic cleaners or cleaning dentures solutions could also be used.

How often you clean your snorerx depends on you. Things such odors or stains should be indicators that your snorerx requires cleaning.

Who should avoid Snorerx?

As much as snorerx is friendly to almost everyone, there are those that need to abstain from its use until consulting with their dentist or orthodontist.

Such persons include; people who have acquired teeth implants less than 12 months prior, people with braces or retainers as well as those with dentures or bridges.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have any of these issues so I just shipped it and begun using it immediately it arrived.

Is Snorerx safe?

Having used it for over 6 months now, I can say that it is very safe to use. The components used to make it are relatively big hence you cannot swallow it accidentally.

Furthermore, it lacks any metal ensuring your teeth are safe from chipping.

Comparison with similar products, pros and cons

Snorerx VS similar products

Like I said, anti-snoring devices are as many as 100 or even more. Having tried several, I saw it fit to compare them in terms of life span, price type and government approval.

Product Type Lifespan (months) Price/unit Govt. approval
Z Quiet Hinged MAD            12      $79.95           Yes
Vital Sleep            12-24      $53.95           Yes
Zyppah Rx Hybrid MAD and TAD   6-12      $89.95            Yes
Pure sleep Boil and Bite adjustable MAD            6-9       $59.90             Yes
GMSS TSD             12-24        $99.94              Yes
Sleep pro Custom built MAD            6-24        $199.99              Yes
Rip Snore Boil and Bite MAD            6-15        $67.00              Yes

Pros and cons

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Pricing and shipping

Snorerx proved to be a bit pricy seeing that I am a student. However, I did not feel extorted as I got the full worth of what I paid for.

Including shipping, the unit price of a single snorerx comes to about $112. However, they offer discounts if you buy two or more at a time.

If you are a student like myself, you could consider teaming up with a friend or two who are in need of snorerx. You will save as much as $25 or even more this way.

Shipping is done by FedEx and as such, you will have your product no later than 3-5 business days. You could even receive it within 24 hours of purchase.

What other people have to say

Thus far, you have only read my account of Snorerx. Am sure you would want to know what other people who have tried it have to say. The reviews have been obtained from ResellRatings

I will group these reviews in terms of positive and negative reviews.

Negative SnoreRx reviews

1) Does not stay at adjusted level. When I wake up, it has changed.
2) False advertising. I have been seen by many doctors. They do recommend mandibular devices, but not this one. They recommend FDA approved devices.
3) Waiting to see the department head at one of the top medical colleges, I purchase this. When I told him, he said the problem with these devices is holding you mouth open (like this does) somewhat offsets the effect of pulling your jaw forward.”

I can’t begin to tell you how much I dislike this product. It may promote itself as adjustable and conformed to fit you mouth, but regardless, it is insanely uncomfortable. As a kid I slept with a retainer which I didn’t like, but could manage to sleep with it in. This thing – No way. It requires a Julie Roberts style giant mouth to even fit into your jaw. The guard which creates a mold in your mouth has two settings: Insanely tight or so loose that it falls out of your mouth the second you fall asleep.

I suspect this piece of crap largely prevents snoring by removing the possibility of sleep.ChrisHatesSnorerx

Positive SnoreRx Reviews

This was my second purchase of a snorerx mouthpiece. The first one I bought, over a year ago, worked great for me. It was not what I would call comfortable, but it completely stopped the snoring, which was the purpose. I grind my teeth at night, so I was happy that it lasted a year. My second purchase, of two devices, also stops my snoring, but they hurt my lower gums. Perhaps because of how I molded them? But I waited a week too long to decide I wasn’t happy, and now I can’t return them. So don’t wait too long to mold the device, and try it for a couple of weeks to see it it works for you.” Janliz

Received the Snorex item promptly. The adjustment period was about as described, as it took several weeks to get used to it. It works so much better than other devices so am relieved to have found something that helps.”  Js2516brewer

Final Remarks

Maybe this is as biased review because it is written by a guy that can confidently say “Snorerx worked for me.”

Would I advise you to buy it? Hell yes! It may be a bit pricy but you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Furthermore, its pros far outweigh its cons like any good product should.

However, like with most things in life, some will like while some won’t like. It will work for some and not work for others.

If you snore in your sleep Snorerx could be the solution to that habit. Whether you choose to try it or not solely depends on you.

After all has been said one question begs to be asked “To try Snorerx or not to try snorerx?”

Sleep is a crucial part of growing. Doctors recommend that you get 6-8 hours of it every day for optimal body functioning at work or school.

However, sleeping in a room (or house) with somebody that snores is anything but restful. I would know firsthand.

In college, my roommates had a nickname for me, ‘chain saw’. It wasn’t because I was a badass or knew how to work the chain saw. In fact, I have never operated it unless using it as a weapon in video games count. The name was for a reason all too familiar with a majority if not all of us; snoring!

I snored so loudly that the only thing my roomies could compare it to was the noise made by a chain saw. Unlucky for them I was and still is a deep sleeper so I did not wake up despite their efforts to wake me.

Am sure all of us know of a person that snores or snore ourselves. It is an annoying habit that tend to inconvenience both the ‘snorer’ and the people around him/her.

It is even worse when you are in a relationship. At one point, the snoring became so bad that my girlfriend wouldn’t be caught dead in the same bed as me.

I had enough of it and decided it was time I took action. Lucky for me, my roommates too couldn’t take it anymore.

After nearly a semester of torture, one of the roommates suggested I use an anti-snoring device. I did some research and I was surprised that there are very many such devices in the market today.

I tried several over the course of time but when I tried Snorerx I put all the rest away. Thanks to it, my girlfriend sleeps on the same bed as me and my roomies dropped the name ‘chain saw.’

Being the generous guy that I am, I decided to write a review for anyone and everyone who may be interested in putting their snoring days behind them.

What is snoring?

Snoring is that annoying sound you produce when you are unable to move air freely through the nose or throat when in sleep. As a result, surrounding tissues vibrate hence the snoring sound.

What causes snoring?

Generally, snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissue in your head and neck due to difficulty in breathing.

Several factors can bring about this vibration of soft tissue;


The way you are built could be the reason for why you snore. For instance, men have narrower air ways than women and are hence more prone to snoring. Other things such as cleft could also cause snoring.


This is not to say that only overweight people snore. Anyone who has extra weight around the neck and throat areas could snore due to the fatty tissue and poor muscle tone.

Sleeping position

When asleep on your back, the throat is relaxed. In such a state (relaxed) it blocks the airwayswhich in turn causes you to snore.


Recreational drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes as well as prescription drugs such as valium tend to interfere with regular breathing patterns. The throat muscle becomes relaxed or inflamed which causes you to snore.


Nasal and sinus complications interfere with breathing which ultimately leads to snoring.

Allergic reactions

Some people are allergic to stuff like pollen and dust. If you are such a person, coming in contact with them causes the inside of the nose to become swollen. As a result, you snore in your sleep.


Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is a serious medical condition that could prove fatal if untreated. The throat relaxes and narrows during sleep which makes it difficult for you to breath.

The brain wakes you up usually with a very loud snore in order to restore breathing. If you suffer from any form of sleep OSA (either apnoea or hypopnoea) it is advised that you seek medical attention.

At this point, it is important to note that Snorerx cannot help with OSA.

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