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If there is one thing that will break up any marriage or relationship, it is when one person in the bed snores all night long.

Few of us can go very long with a shortage of sleep and if you aren’t the one who is snoring, you may be kept awake all night long.

So, if you have been looking for a way to stop your partner from snoring, or you would like a way to stop the noise, then ZQuiet might be just what you are looking for.

What Is ZQuiet?

zquiet reviewsThis is a product that is unlike any other anti-snoring product on the market today.

It isn’t a strip that you wear on your nose or some kind of magic potion that you spray in your nose or your mouth. ZQuiet is actually a small dental appliance, or mouth guard, that you wear all night long, and it prevents snoring from the very first night.

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How Does Zquiet Work?

The idea behind this product is very simple. If you are like most people who snore, you tend to snore more when you are on your back. This is because your jaw becomes slack during sleep and it falls back, opening up your airway. When you are sleeping soundly and breathing heavily, you will simply make noise when your mouth is wide open like that.

ZQuiet uses dental technology to keep your lower jaw adjusted just a hair to the front so that your tongue can’t flop back into your airway and make all of that loud noise. This is proven technology and you will also be glad to hear that it is so comfortable that you won’t even notice that you are wearing it during the night.

What Are People Saying About How ZQuiet Works?

Most people who snore or live with a snorer don’t want to wait around for weeks and weeks for a product to start taking effect. One of the great things about ZQuiet is that this product works from the very first time that you put it in and that means everyone in your home will get better sleep.

Looking for Zquiet Reviews? You came to the right place.

Zquiet is a simple anti snoring mouthpiece that is hinged and is made of medical-grade plastic.

We rank Zquiet among the best snore guards in the world as it is FDA cleared.

FDA cleared means that it is cleared to treat snoring. So, that is a vote of confidence. It is a mandibular advancement device that is made with materials of the highest quality, which  are BPA and latex free.

Zquiet is made of soft materials so that you will be comfortable when using it.

Another feature of the device is that it is hinged at the jaw, meaning you can move your mouth freely even if you are wearing it.

Update: Zquiet currently has a $9.95 (shipping incl.) Offer

How Zquiet Works

This mandibular advancement device (MAD) is designed to stop you from snoring by holding the lower jaw forward, and thus freeing the airway from any obstruction. You probably already know that snoring occurs when the airway gets obstructed after your jaw falls back, and the uvula and soft palate vibrate against the throat’s tissues.

It is estimated that over 90 million people suffer from chronic snoring but have no idea on how to curb this annoying condition (and this data only represents USA). I have personally struggled with my partners snoring for so long, which is part of the reason I started this anti snoring blog.

My wife and I have tried different anti-snoring solutions ranging from chin straps, anti snoring pillows, and now the Mandibular Advancement Devices. Do they work?

Well, that’s what we always set to figure out when we review any gadget in this blog.


  • The Zquiet anti-snore mouthpiece has a hinge design. Zquiet refers to this as the Living Hinge Technology. This design sets it apart from other MAD devices in the market. The hinge allows natural movement of the jaw and the mouth. This means you will not snore, and so you will be able to have a normal night with minimal discomfort.
  • The mouthpiece is made of thermoplastic materials that are latex free. You will be glad to know that these materials cause no irritation in the mouth, and have a pretty good lifespan. It does not break even if you grind your teeth at night. They are also easy to clean. This guarantees you value for your money.
  • The product comes in two sizes: comfort 1and comfort 2 both of which are delivered to you. You do not have to worry if one size doesn’t fit.
  • The Zquiet anti-snore mouthpiece package comes with a small plastic travel case that has a detailed “how to use” guidelines.

How The Z Quite Works

Zquiet works by extending your lower jaw by a few millimeters to open up the airway as well as keeping the tongue in place. This will reduce the noise caused by labored breathing.

Also, it tightens the muscles around your throat and jaw, and this will prevent the vibration of the uvula and soft palate against the throat’s tissues. This means that you will not produce snore sounds.

Z Quite Background and Credibility

zquiet complaintsThe Zquiet anti-snore mouthpiece idea was invented by Dan and Katrina Webster, who were both chronic snorers. They started the Sleep Well LLC Company as a way to find a solution to their condition.

The company was then registered in Vermont in the year 2008. To guarantee quality and credibility for their product, they brought Avery Lieberman DDS on board to assist them in coming up with the suitable design for the device.

Avery, a well-renowned dentist with over 20 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine with knowledge and expertise on sleep apnea, snoring and oral appliances, was deemed fit to lead the project.

Sleep Well is based  in  the USA and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A- rating. This goes to show you how legitimate this business is.

Zquiet has been manufactured in the USA and marketed all over the world.

Does Zquiet Work?

If you are looking for proof that Zquiet works, here are the few positives that we have identified about the antisnoring device:

  1. It was designed by a qualified and experienced dentist. You need not worry about oral accidents.
  2. The device is springy and so will not fall out from your mouth when you are asleep. This feature will give you the joy of being enable you to drink water or any other beverage comfortably and also to breathe normally.
  3. It does not have any latex. It is, therefore, suitable for anyone with a latex allergy.
  4. The mouthpiece contours are comfortable to wear and smooth to the gums.
  5. It is designed to fit in most kinds of mouths, and so you don’t need to mold it to fit. Once you open its box, you will just fix it in your mouth, and you are good to go.
  6. It has been designated a class II medical device by the USA Food and Drug Association. The Better Business Bureau also accredits it. This guarantees you confidence in its safety and remarkable effectiveness.
  7. There is a 30 days trial period where you are allowed to test the devices and see if it works for you. You only pay a small fee of $9.95 for shipping and handling.
  8. It has a simple design that is easy to clean. You can use warm water and soap. You do not have to worry about bacteria breeding on it as it doesn’t have any contours or crannies.

Zquiet Complaints and Negative Reviews

  1. You cannot wear Zquiet with dentures, caps, crowns or bridge work. They just won’t fit and may be detrimental to your teeth.
  2. The shipping and handling fee is non-refundable should you decide to return the device.
  3. You will most likely experience soreness in your jaws for a couple for the first few days. This is because your jaws have not gotten used to this new position. The soreness will however go away once your oral muscles adapt to the device.
  4. The device comes in a standardized fit for all. This is a great assumption as some people will not be comfortable with the fit due to the difference in oral/ mouth design or shape.
  5. You will drool for the first few days. Your mouth’s position has be altered by the device and will cause saliva to exit without your knowledge at night. This however subsides in a couple of few days.

Costs of Zquiet, Zquiet Trial, and Where to Buy

Zquiet is incredibly priced as compared to the two top anti-snore mouthpieces. For a price of $79.95, this device does offer you value for you money given the fact that it gives you a real opportunity to reduce or stop snoring. It is a life saver.

When you purchase it, your first step will be to pay for a 30 days trial fee of $9.95 for shipping and handling.

If you are not comfortable with the device, you can simply return it at no extra cost.

If you fancy the device, and you’d want to keep it, you will be charged the full payable amount of $79.95 plus the $9.95 for shipping and handling.

Zquiet was designed and is manufactured in the USA. The company has marketed the device via the internet to different countries. These countries include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland.

Where to Buy Zquiet?

You should only buy your Zquiet device from the Zquiet official outlets, including their website. Here you are assured to get the original product.

Additionally, you can purchase the device in the following physical locations out of the USA:

  1. Ecuador:
    Juan de Ascaray 355 y Amazonas
    Phone: 1-800-444-222 Fax: (593) 02 2448857
    Quito — Ecuador
  2. Poland
    Puńawska 324
    02-819 Warszawa, Poland
    office: +48 (22) 340 44 09
  3. Italy:
    The Direct Marketing Company S.p.A.
    Strada dei Censiti 5/a
    47891 Rovereta di Falciano
    Repubblica di San Marino

Final Thoughts on Zquiet Review

zquiet reviewsWith the many MAD products being advertised in the industry, it is really hard to standout. Some products have very alluring features and promise great efficiency but are not comfortable when used. Some look so similar that is somewhat hard to tell them apart.

Majority of the clients who have used the device have reported having an incredible experience using the Zquiet anti-snore mouth piece. Some of the highlights are the ease in fitting the mouthpiece in the mouth, the soft texture and the ability to talk and drink the beverage with the mouth piece intact.

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In addition, you will realize that the material is made of a very soft rubber that is not invasive to the gums and the oral cavity. The Living Hinge Technology will enable you to chat away as the device is held in place in your jaw.

You will also appreciate the fact that the device has no BPA or latex in its composition. It is therefore safe to use even for anyone with latex allergy.

Couples who have been sleeping in different rooms due to the annoying snore reported on the remarkable change the device has brought to the relationships. The nights are quieter and members in the family are now able to have a peaceful night-long sleep.

You will also be impressed by the fact that you only need to pay for the shipping charges upfront to try it during the 30 trial days.

Credibility and quality is also assured as ZQuiet is made in America by a BBB-accredited company. It is also designated a class II medical device by the FDA, which offers peace-of-mind.

Taking into consideration all the positive reviews, the Zquiet anti-snore mouth piece is highly recommended. It is a one of a kind device that has helped so many people.

However, one person’s experience is different from another. I would recommend that you try out this device and see how it works for you. Your personal experience will be the best determining factor on whether you would want to purchase it or not.

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