Best Futon Mattress Reviews

Did you know that there are thousand and one benefits that you can get from futon beds?  For one, these funky and versatile beds are great space savers.  If you are living in a small apartment or flat, having such beds can make life easier for you.

A futon bed is a combination of two important elements in a bedroom.  A futon is actually the mattress.  It is usually made from high quality foam or fiber cottons.  Most high quality futons have internal springs and can be folded to transform them into a sofa or couch mattress.

To transform these futons as fully functional beds, choosing the right frames is important.  There are different kinds of futon frames.  Most are made from wood but there are also metal frames which are becoming more common nowadays.

Depending on the construction of the frame, your futon mattress can be transformed into a futon sofa bed.  At night, you can use it as a bed and in the morning you can fold the mattress and use it as a sofa.  Thus, it was aptly named sofa bed.

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for the Best Futons

Although there are lots of futon beds in the market today, it is not easy to buy one.  That is because there are lots of knock-offs and low quality futons that are being sold in the market.  So here are the top 3 mistakes you must avoid when buying these trendy and versatile beds.

1.  Be wary of dirt cheap items.

Remember, you will get what you pay for.  High quality futon starts from $200 to $300.  If a sofa bed advertised as a futon is being sold at less than a hundred, then this should be a warning signal and you must closely inspect the item.

2. Buying unbranded futons is a big mistake.

These beds can be mass produced and their quality is not guaranteed.  To be safe, always stick with known brands and buy only from authorized distributors.

3.  Buying expensive futons with poor materials.

To check the quality of the bed set, closely inspect the foam and outer mattress cover.  Check for firmness, elasticity, and refinement in construction.  You have to check also the quality of stitching on the edges of the mattress cover.

Futon beds are great additions to your bedroom and guest rooms.  Because of their versatility, you will surely get your money’s worth from them.  Just make sure to avoid the top 3 mistakes identified above so you can get the best futons out there.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Futon in Its Best Shape

Even your best futon is not exempt from wear and tear.  Just like any other mattress, its materials will degenerate over time.

Typically, a futon mattress will last for seven years if you use it heavily.  However, if you will take good care of it, you can definitely enjoy your mattress for many years beyond its standard lifetime.

So here are some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your futon mattress in top shape.  By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your mattress and futon beds will be enjoyed by your family for a very long time.

1.  Make sure to flip and rotate the mattress at least once a month.

This is to ensure even wear and to avoid deformities on the mattress.  If you have time to flip and rotate the mattress every two weeks, then this would be better in order to ensure that your mattress will always look brand new.

2.  Never forget to buy a cover for your bed mattress futon.

A protective futon cover will keep dust, dirt, and stains away from the mattress.  This way, you will have an easier time in cleaning the cover than taking the entire mattress to professional cleaners.

3.  For regular mattress maintenance and to keep it always fresh, you should sprinkle baking soda on top of the futon mattress once every 3 months.

Baking soda will remove deeply embedded dirt from the mattress.  Sprinkle the baking soda on top of the futon mattress then let it stand for a day. Vacuum the mattress after a while to complete the cleaning procedure.

4. Forbid the children to do a monkey jump on top of the futon mattress.

This type of mattress is not designed for jumping.  The interior spring as well as the cotton fiber can be damaged if you allow your children to jump on the mattress.

5. Do not pick up the futon mattress by its handle.

The futon handles can tear easily because they cannot support the entire weight of the mattress.  When moving the mattress, always ask someone to help you.  Do not drag the mattress over the floor.

6.  If you have time, take out the mattress for sunning and airing.

This will allow the cotton fiber to breathe and refresh itself.  Airing will prolong the lifetime of your futon mattress.

Although a bed mattress futon has a standard lifetime of seven years, you can easily prolong it by following these simple tricks and tips to keep your mattress in good shape.

Adding to the Flexibility of your Best Futon with a Futon Cover

A futon can conveniently be used as a bed, or a sofa. The futon can be folded out for sleeping on and folded up during the day for using as a place to lounge on like a couch.

A good thing about futons is that they are versatile, and they can be covered. While the look of a mattress is not so important when it is being slept on, the look of it is of more importance when it is being used as a sofa in a living space.

When the futon is being used as a bed, a sheet set can be put over the mattress for a comfortable sleep. While the futon is being used as a couch, the sheets can be switched out and replaced with a futon mattress cover.

The typically plain look of a solid colored futon mattress will not always match with the decor of a room, therefore it can look out of place. Covering the futon with a mattress cover can transform the look of the futon from drab to decorative.

Futon mattress covers are made in all colors of the rainbow, in delicate and bold prints, and out of different materials.

If the futon is used in a living room with a set of matching upholstered chairs, the futon mattress cover does not have to coordinate exactly with the upholstery fabric. Pick one color which is found in the fabric, and use a futon cover in that color.

If the other furniture in the room is upholstered in a solid color, the mattress can be dressed up with a printed futon cover that incorporates that color.

The living space can even be designed with fabrics of all the same color, and to play with the textures and add to the comfort of the futon, the futon cover can be made of suede.

The color of the cover does not even have to match with the other furniture in the room, as it can be coordinated with the color of the curtains.

Futon covers typically cost between $50 and $100 depending on the complexity of the print and material it is made of. For this small price, the look of the room can be dramatically changed and improved. This is also a point to consider if you like to change the decorative motifs of a room with the seasons. The versatility and affordability of futon covers makes decorative changes easier.

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