How to Prevent Snoring on a Plane

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According to studies, 45% of the people snore occasionally and 25% do it regularly. It is a more common problem in men and in people who are overweight and also it worsens with age. But, why is it happening?

Why do people snore?

Snoring occurs when there is an obstruction to the airflow at the back of the mouth and nose, which match the tongue, palate, and uvula. When one comes up against the other, breathing vibration occurs which generates the typical noise.

The snorer has at least one of the following problems:

Muscle looseness in the throat or tongue:  When this occurs, the tongue falls back and, along with the throat, closes the passage of the airways. It’s easy to relax the muscle after having consumed alcohol, drugs or medications. Therefore, some people do not often snore and they do when they have drunk. But the relaxation may also occur in deeper stages of sleep without having eaten anything.

Overdevelopment of the tissues of the throat: Large tonsils are the main cause of snoring in children. Similarly, overweight people suffer an increase in the development of these tissues and, therefore, tend to snore.

Oversize palate or uvula: The large palate hinders the passage between the nose and the mouth, hanging between both airways and causing snoring sound.

Obstruction of the nasal cavities: This makes it necessary to make an effort to inhale air through the nose which generates a vacuum in the throat, leading to a drop in the soft tissues and causing the snoring. Therefore, some people snore only when they have colds or allergy attacks.

Finally, a deviated nasal septum hinders the passage of air and can cause you to snore.

What are the health risks involved with snoring?

Snoring is more than an annoying noise; it may be the alarm signal for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disease that is common in loud snoring sufferers. Breathing pauses occur during sleep, which may be followed by small lapses of awakening, called arousals.

As a result, daytime sleepiness occurs due to a lack of restful sleep, which in some cases leads to chronic fatigue. Lack of sleep also results in the temptation to doze anywhere in any situation, and there are problems with concentration and memory loss, irritability, headache, a decline in work performance, besides the risk of all types of accidents.

But the problems do not end here. Recent studies associate sleep apnea with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in patients and impaired cognitive symptoms in children.

Sleep apnea, also called Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome (SAHS), should be considered a “public health problem”.

However, we must clarify that snoring is not always synonymous with disease. In general, the SAHS appears progressively. Sudden awakenings and suffocating with choking feeling included, in addition to problems associated with lack of sleep, are more than enough to go to the doctor.

In any case, for this health problem to be considered pathological, a person must undergo 5 to 10 interruptions in breathing per hour during sleep, but can reach, in extreme cases, up to 90 during the same period. Each should last at least 10 seconds, during which time no air enters or leaves the lungs. In this period, the brain does not receive enough oxygen.

There are also children who snore. Most of them are suffering from the syndrome called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In many cases, it is due to the presence of too large tonsils, which can be cured today by laser surgery without removing them, as it happened years ago. However, we must pay attention to this syndrome because it can trigger health problems with a direct impact on the physical and mental development of children.

Other effects of apnea in children are disorders in the shape of the face, bedwetting, daytime tiredness, and low weight development and height.

In the case of adults, the deficient of supply to the brain can be fatal in patients with hypertension and that in the long-term may increase the risk of ischemic stroke (stroke). The risk is normalized when patients receive proper treatment.

How to Prevent Snoring on A Plane

You will find various anti snoring devices and methods to help you stop snoring. Some of these ways involve adapting to a diet regime and make some changes to your current lifestyle factors like avoiding consuming too much alcohol and eating a heavy meal before your bedtime.

When selecting anti snoring devices, there are a few things to consider. Always read the labels before using anti-snoring devices and speak with the dentist or maybe a specialist whenever you think the anti-snoring product is truly perfect for you.

Keep in mind that in a few instances it might be designed being an anti-snoring device; however, it might offer you discomfort in return. The different types of stop snoring products that are available in the market are as follows:

Anti-snoring pillows – These foam pillows are designed in a way to fix the sleeping positions on the bed and on any other surface area that would help to decrease snoring.

CPAP machine (Constant Position Air passage pressure) – It is a mask that you may put on either on the nose or on the mouth which exerts air pressure into the nostrils. One drawback is that this device is extremely bulky and can be truly miserable for people wearing the mask whenever they sleep. This is considered to be a lifetime treatment and it has confirmed great effectiveness in quitting snoring in addition to sleep apnea.

Pillar process – It is one of the most effective remedies. It does not interfere with the patient’s consuming or speech and it can be accomplished at the physician’s clinic using a local anesthetic. It does not require the removal of any tissue.

Breathing pieces and sinus sprays – They decongest your air passageways helping you prevent noisy snoring.

Stop snoring mouthpiece – It is one of the most effective anti snore devices used to cope with loud snoring issues. It is also known as Mandibular Advancement Device. Stop snoring mouthpieces can be found in different types.

A person will most likely snore while sleeping when the lower jaw is pressed downwards which has a tendency to cause the airway to get blocked.

An anti snoring mouthpiece functions by maintaining the correct position of the mouth to expand the breathing airway, thereby, eliminate snoring. Maintaining the lower jaw in the forward direction can prevent the soft tissues of the respiratory tract from collapsing which block air flow.

1. SnoreRx Anti Snoring Device

This mouth guard is one of the simplest cures for snoring. Snore Rx is a product that has been designed to help people with snoring habits. It is essentially an anti snore mouthpiece that is fitted to the mouth and can help a person stop this loud habit when traveling on a plane.

Meant as an immediate solution, all that one has to do is purchase the product and try it out for oneself. It is a customized fit for any jaw size and shape.

How does it work?

SnoreRx mouthguard for snoring is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). It is an oral appliance that is fitted into the mouth such that the lower jaw is inched forward to prevent obstructed breathing. What this does is that it improves the process of taking in air and also opens up the airway to thereby completely eliminate the snoring issue for as long as it is used. However, initially, it may be difficult to wear as it is foreign and can cause discomfort due to its presence. Mandibular Repositioning Devices have been tested before and were proved to work wonders for people with snoring problems.

Features and Specifications:

1) One of the key features of this product is that it is adjustable unlike many of its competitors in the market. Since people have different jaw structures, this mouth guard can easily adapt to multiple jaw sizes. With SnoreRx, there is no size adjustment issue to worry about.

2) Another feature is its re-usability. This means that one strip can be used again, thereby making it more attractive to purchase as it potentially lasts longer.

3) The third is that it comes with a defined set of instructions that are easy to understand and read, thereby ensuring that the customer is neither confused nor does he spend too much time understanding how it works.

4) As its materials are all FDA approved, it is also quite recommended for usage by specialists as well. Its feature of Posi-Lock ensures that the setting selected by the user is locked and doesn’t cause any irritation. The calibrator measures the exact measurement by which the lower jaw needs to be moved outwards.

5) Due to its advanced snoring aids technology, SnoreRx is completely screws, nuts and rubber band free.

What are its advantages?

The Snore Rx comes with multiple benefits that make it a great buying option to help stop snoring immediately. The benefits of this anti snore mouthpiece include:

1) It is easy to use and does not take up too much time to fit into the mouth.

2) Compared to other products, it is relatively economical to use due to its functionality and long lasting strips that can be used for more than a year.

3) In a rare occurrence, that the consumer is not satisfied, there is also thirty-day money back guarantee which means no consumer will ever find the need to compromise or be dissatisfied.

4) Over time, it becomes very comfortable to use and can help a person sleep longer and with more peace.

5) Safety is ensured due to the high standards set be it for the ingredients used or even the technique applied.

6) SnoreRx is high in quality and meets all the related benchmarks because of its best design.

What are its disadvantages?

Like every coin has two sides, there is a couple of minor disadvantages that the product comes with. These have been explained as under:

1) It is not recommended for people wearing dentures or caps unless their dentists approve of the same.

2) It takes time to get used to and may seem a little uncomfortable during the first two nights.

3) The product is not covered by Medicare or by insurance.

Payment and Trial:

Due to the extremely consumer friendly mode of hassle free returns within thirty days of usage, consumers no longer need to worry about their money or their results. There are also special codes and discount offer provided. Besides this, the product is shipped internationally and can be delivered to most places in the world. This makes the process of trying the product far easier and much more convenient.

Customer Feedback:

There has been a resounding positive attitude and feedback from the consumers who used this product. A lot of people found extremely beneficial results after only using it for a short amount of time. Even those who were initially skeptical about the working of SnoreRx changed their minds after buying it. That is how worthy it is. Liza from San Francisco, California called it a ‘miracle’ and stated that it helped her cure her sleep apnea. For Janice in Georgia, though the price seemed steep, her doubtful purchase ended up being the road to recovery. These are just a couple out of the hundreds of success stories shared by customers all over the world.


In a nutshell, Snore Rx seems to be one of the best mouthguards for snoring product to eliminate snoring once and for all. With the company’s easy return policy and the list of advantages, no consumer can go wrong with the purchase of this device. This stop snoring mouthguard is not only recommended by specialists and doctors, but it is also a very worthy buy. So, order one today and bid your annoying habit goodbye!

2. My Snoring Solution

With an anti-snoring chin strap, you are able to prevent excessive snoring and increase the quality and the duration of your sleep at night. Snoring chin strap is one of the simplest and quickest ways to stop snoring. This leads to a happier, healthier, and better lifestyle.

The inventor of My Snoring Solution chinstrap was suffering from Sleep Apnea, a disorder in which a person’s breath repeatedly pauses whilst sleeping, causing them to awaken repeatedly in the night. The soft tissues and muscles in the throat relax and collapse, causing airway blockage which stops the person from being able to breathe properly. This can occur for ten seconds or more, depending on the overall health condition of the individual. Sleep disturbance is created, affecting the lives of sufferers and others around them, including partners and family members. By having to excessively get up in the night, the amount of sleep received by loved ones is also affected. Snoring also has a tendency to be loud and noisy, which can potentially disturb loved ones from receiving the amount of sleep that they need in order to function prosperously throughout the day.

How do chin straps work?

The chin strap works as an anti-snoring jaw strap when it extends over the intended range of the jaw. It increases the amount of three-dimensional spaces in a person’s airway, by keeping the lower jaw positioned upwards. The chinstrap reduces soft tissue vibration and air velocity. It prevents a person’s airway from closing whilst sleeping, stopping them from potentially choking in the middle of the night.

What are the benefits of My Snoring Solution chinstrap?

The benefits of using My Snoring Solution chinstrap include improved air ventilation, due to the thrusting of the jaw. This helps people to sleep throughout the night, without being awakened or disturbed by snoring. It also is kind to one’s partner, who doesn’t have to cover their ears at the sound of excessive snoring. Levels of energy are improved and restored throughout the day, as a result.

The chin strap is similar to CPR in that it makes air able to pass through the throat so that a sufferer is able to breathe pleasantly and have a harmonious eight hours of sleep. However, unlike CPR, the chinstrap is something that is easy to use, and can be used anywhere, at any time, without requiring the aid or assistance of another individual. Not being able to breathe properly whilst sleeping can lead to feeling tired throughout the day, due to inadequate sleep, but with the chinstrap this is no longer the reality.

What are some effects of sleep apnea?

OSA can cause an individual to be severely sleep deprived and suffer from chronic fatigue, as a result of waking up excessively in the night in order to breathe correctly. This affects a person’s daily life and ability to function normally. Poor performance in the workplace can also be a result of a lack of the sleep sufficiency.

Lack of sleep or quality of sleep can also lead to a development of psychological disorders such as ADD, or lead to a development of asthma. Heavy asthma attacks that can occur uncontrollably at night can be treated using the My Snoring Solution chinstrap.

Poor sleep can also worsen the breathing of an asthmatic, and combined with suffering from OSA, this creates a situation that is harmful to the individual’s health. Sleep deprivation can lead to the function of the immune system decreasing, the temperature of the body decreasing, and heart rate increasing. This can affect both adults and children, and the disorder is typically developed in childhood.

How effective are anti snoring chin straps? Do they work?

In a study investigating the effectiveness of the chin strap for snoring, ten patients diagnosed with OSA were observed in terms of their sleep. In the first study they were not given the chin strap, and the level of their apneas, hypopneas, snores, oxygen saturation, blood pressure in the morning, and blood pressure in the afternoon were recorded. In the second study, followed up two years later, the same patients were observed whilst sleeping, and wore the anti-snoring chin strap provided by In the second study, it was reported that some patients experienced a large reduction in snoring frequency; a lower level in episodes of OSA, and lower levels of morning blood pressure. Most patients experienced a higher level of saturation of oxygen.

This study clearly shows that using one of the best anti snoring devices like My Snoring Solution chinstrap increases the long-term health of one suffering from OSA. This snoring solution jaw support strap improves the quality of sleep, restores blood pressure levels and increases oxygen saturation for patients. This leads to an all-around improvement in day-to-day life, such as better performance at work and healthier relationships, as a result of a better quality of sleep provided by the stop snoring chin strap. This means that family members and loved ones are no longer disturbed by the snoring of those suffering from OSA, and being woken up excessively during the night. By simply using the chin strap snore aids, a person’s lifespan is also greatly increased. Where can I buy the chin strap for snoring that you recommend?

Where can I buy the chin strap for snoring that you recommend?

The anti-snoring chin strap provided by My Snoring Solution puts an end to sleep deprivation for sufferers of OSA or asthmatic attacks in the night, forever. The airway is opened by being held forward, enabling air to pass through easily. Snoring becomes diminished, and sleep is able to be attended to throughout the night. Energy levels increase, as well as mental clarity. The jaw supporter strap is comfortable, provides full support, and is compact to fit the jaw so that no discomfort is experienced. Sufferers no longer have to experience restless sleep, or disturbing others whilst sleeping due to snoring and waking up in the night to use the bathroom. By using the chinstrap, a healthier, fuller life is experienced. As an investment that is helpful to all, it really can be said that purchasing and using a chinstrap can save lives, and create a richer quality of life that was previously unable to be experienced. Click here to buy My Snoring Solution chinstrap.

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