Hivox snore stopper review

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Hivox Snore Stopper Review

The revolutionary DailyCare SS-650 Hivox Snore Stopper uses natural biofeedback techniques to reduce and stop snoring both in frequency and volume.

The simple wristband works by emitting a gentle impulse on the skin of the snorer which causes a light reflex which doesn’t wake the snorer but makes them stop snoring by causing them to alter their body position which in turn helps to tighten the throat muscles.

So far, medical tests have indicated that this smart device can reduce or stop snoring in 80% of users.

As well as stopping snoring this wristband helps to promote better breathing and also means that the actual snorer (as well as their partner) gets a good nights sleep.

Most users report that they feel much better and more awake during the day, all in all this product seems to benefit everyone.

The DailyCare SS-650 Snore Stopper is light weight, comfortable and comes with a handy case to take on trips.

If the Daily​Care does not taste like your cup of tea, you might want to try these other anti snoring devices.

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  1. I bought this product but I want to return it. It took to long to arrive. No information included for returns


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