Nora: The Smart Anti-Snoring Device That Gives You a Nudge When You Snore

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We live in a fascinating world. A world that is filled with technological advancement after technological advancement.

In today’s world, there’s nothing technology won’t do. From space exploration to getting an Uber.

I dare say that today’s world runs on this or that app. If you think or imagine it there’s a good chance tech will make it come alive.

You would think that man has hit the crest of technological innovation. But as soon as you think you have seen them all, someone somewhere comes up with something new.

One such gadget is Nora. No, it’s not a planet from a faraway galaxy but a snoring solution. A smart snoring solution. Smart because it stops your snoring, get this, wirelessly!

If you are a snorer or know of one then you are probably familiar with all the snoring solutions that seemingly mushroom by the day. From chin straps to nasal strips to mouth pieces and pillows, snoring is a very lucrative business.

Of all the other snoring solutions Nora is one of a kind since it is the only non-invasive snoring solution.

This article is dedicated to Nora. Through it, you will know all you need to about it so that you can decide whether it’s worth giving it a shot or not.

Fair warning, your mind is going to be blown…..literally!

What is Nora?

Simply put, Nora is a smart, non-invasive snoring solution. As a matter of fact it is the only non-invasive snoring solution.

What is non-invasive?

All other snoring solutions work by changing how you sleep and as such you could consider them ‘invasive’.

For instance, the snoring pillows reduce your snoring by changing your sleeping position while the TSD and MAD mouthpieces do so by adjusting your tongue and jaw respectively.

Nora on the other hand will reduce your snoring while allowing you the freedom to sleep however you wish. You could sleep on your back, stomach or side and Nora will still work!


nora anti snoring smart device

Nora comes in a small, elegant and portable bag. In this bag you will find a microphone, expander, mini- pump and a rechargeable battery.


Its shape is similar to that of a computer mouse. What it does is that it listens to you as you sleep. If any snoring sounds are detected, it acts accordingly to stop it.

If placed on your night stand, no one but you would notice its presence.

Expander and pump

The expander is a soft pad that is placed under your pillow while the pump goes under the bed. The former is very slim and as such you won’t even notice its presence.

The pump sits in the bag and inflates and deflates the expander accordingly so as to reduce your snoring.

Rechargeable battery

Nora acknowledges the fact that you might not always sleep on your bed. That’s why they saw it fit to include a rechargeable battery which allows you to carry Nora along with you wherever you go.

Mobile app

As mentioned earlier, the world runs on apps and Nora is no different. The app is installed on your phone and you can use it to access the mic’s recordings.

It makes it possible for you to listen in on your snoring over the night. Furthermore, you could bring it along with you to your doctor as the recording could be used to detect more complicated respiratory disorders.

How does Nora work?

Am sure you are pretty eager to know this. However, let’s take a minor detour. Before you can understand how it works you need to know why you snore.

When you are asleep your muscles tend to relax due to the lack of activity. The throat muscles are no exception. When they relax, they cause a blockage in the airways.

As air passes through this now narrow airway, it causes the surrounding soft tissue to vibrate and hence the snoring sound.

Now that you know how snoring comes about you are ready to learn how Nora works.

Before you sleep, just put the expander under your pillow. You need not to worry whether your pillow is compatible or not since the expander is designed to fit in any pillow!

Once this is done, simply tap on the mic gently and proceed to sleep.

When the mic detects the slightest indication of a snore, it sends a signal to the pump under the bed which in turn inflates the expander under the pillow.

This will adjust the position of your head gently without you feeling a thing. In this adjusted position, your throat muscles become stimulated which in turn opens up your airways returning your breathing to normal and stops you from snoring.

The process happens almost instantly before the snoring becomes loud enough to wake your partner up. This ensures that you all get a quiet and peaceful sleep.

As I said, Nora is non-invasive and hence it allows you to sleep in any position and in any part of the pillow.

FAQs about Nora

Is Nora effective?

The best way to know the effectiveness of Nora or any product for that matter is by trying it out yourself. Another way is to listen to what people who have tried that product have to say about it.

Ujwal and Kayleigh and Ali and Sahla are such people. In both couples, the wives had a difficult time sleeping as a result of the snoring from the husbands.

On certain nights, the snoring would get so bad that even the ear plugs wouldn’t work. On such nights, the wives would be forced to sleep on the couch.

Come morning, neither of the couples woke up feeling well rested. All that changed with Nora. According to them, they now sleep peacefully on the same bed and wake up feeling great and well relaxed.

Can Nora be used by kids?

If you have a child that snores and he/she uses a pillow during sleep then Nora is for them as well. It won’t interfere with their growth or cause discomfort during sleep.

Chances are that your child won’t even notice its presence.

Do I need a prescription?

No you don’t. As opposed to other anti-snoring solutions, Nora is a lifestyle enhancement device and not a medical device.

As such, you can try it without the need of any prescription from your doctor.

Who is Nora for?

Nora is for everyone and anyone who snores and want to stop. However, it may prove ineffective to persons with OSA.

Is Nora safe?

Recent studies suggest that sleeping with electronics such as phones near your head might overtime lead to brain cancer.

With Nora, you need not worry since the components are placed away from your head.

Where can I get Nora?

As with everything else you might need, you can get Nora online. The manufactures have also realized that snoring is a global affair and as such they are now shipping to over 35 countries.

How much does Nora goes for?

cost of nora anti-snore smart deviceDepending on where you are and where you choose to buy it, Nora ranges from $179 to $299.

How does this price compare with other anti-snoring devices available in the market?

Why Nora?


This makes it one of the most comfortable snoring aids in the market today. It causes no soreness or fatigue.

It stops your snoring while allowing you to sleep as you normally would.


Compared to other snoring aids such as CPAP, Nora is relatively cheap. In addition, Nora has a longer lifespan which saves you the trouble and money of replacing it every few months.


You can carry it with you anywhere you go since it has a rechargeable battery.

Final remarks

Snoring is nothing new. Statistics have it that about 30% of persons aged 30 and above snore. This rises to about 40% among mid-life individuals.

It is also fairly common among couples with as many as 59% of couples admitting that one partner snores regularly or habitually.

This has devastating consequences on the marriages as intimacy is lost with every night. In some cases, the snoring becomes too much to bare which often results to breakup or divorce.

Furthermore, snoring affects both you the snorer and your partner or roomies. You deprive them and yourself of a well-deserved goodnight’s rest. This negatively affects your daytime activities be it at work or school.

In an effort to stop snoring, many people end up trying multiple snoring aids but the truth is, a majority of them are only good theoretically.

When put to the test, they do little or nothing to stop your snoring.

With Nora, you can be assured that your snoring will be greatly reduced if not totally stopped. No snoring means a good night sleep for you and your partner or roomies.

In addition, your partner will look forward to sleeping in the same bed as you hence restoring your intimacy.

Choose to stop snoring. Choose to stop it the smart way. Choose to stop it the Nora way.

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