Sleepright Dental Guard Reviews- Is This The Best Mouthguard for TMJ?

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The market is today flooded with products which help in the fight against bruxism.

They all make use of the ‘boil n bite’ method. It involves dipping the guard in hot water or in a microwave then biting on it to achieve custom fitting.

However, the Sleepright dental guard differs from the rest as it doesn’t apply this method. It has a patented self-adjustable technology which means it is ready to use straight out of the package.

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How it works

Sleepright has four models all of which work in the same way.

They come with two bite pads which fit between your upper and lower molars.

This creates a space which prevents your teeth from grinding as well as relaxing the jaw joints.

All the models come equipped with an adjustable mechanism which helps you achieve that perfect fit. As mentioned earlier, they are all ready to use.

This is because they come with a heat sensitive band that uses your own body temperature to assume the shape of your mouth hence it fits perfectly.

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The models

Slim comfort

If you are one who has a small mouth then this guard was created with you in mind. It is the smallest and lightest of all the guards.

It is also ideal for you who have sensitive gums that are easily irritated because it is made of lesser materials none of which comes to contact with the gums.

It is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day in the event that your bruxism extends to daytime. It retails at $34.95 on Splintek’s site

Secure comfort

Similar to the slim comfort difference being that it has stability wings on the upper sides. They ensure that the guard stays in place.

It is especially effective to persons with clenching problems. Like the slim comfort, it also retails at $34.95.

Dura comfort

It is meant for those of you that are grind aggressively. For that reason, it is made of tougher material making it the most durable dental guard.

It appears that Splintek took their time in designing and creating this particular model as it is superior to other models in every aspect.

Its stability wings are more flexible and it has a wider grooved strap all of which make it more comfortable.

You guessed right its price is also ‘superior’ retailing at $44.95. You have to pay more for the good stuff, right?

Select comfort

It is as effective as all other models difference being that it is more pocket friendly. It is the cheapest of all models and retails at $24.95.

Great for grinders.


Is Sleepright safe?

The safety of any product is of the utmost concern for any consumer. Rest assured that all the Sleepright models have been approved by the FDA.

The have been made of safe non-allergic materials which makes them usable even to persons with allergies.

Can I talk with the guard in my mouth?

All models are very comfortable making activities such as breathing, talking and even drinking possible with it in your mouth.

Eating is perhaps the only thing you can’t do while wearing the guards.

Is there any harm in wearing the guard all day?

Healthwise, it is very safe to do so as you won’t suffer any adverse side effects.

However, experts recommend against doing so simply because it will create a dependency on the guard. The models are simply devices that help you adopt techniques to fight your bruxism.

Think of them as training wheels for your bicycle. If you never took them off at some time, you would never have learnt to ride without them, right?

Similarly, you are required to do away with the guard at some point. Wearing them all day will make that next to impossible.

I personally recommend taking breaks in their usage. For instance, you could wear them for two consecutive days then skip their use on their third.

In so doing, you will find yourself finding less use for them while at the same time grinding and clenching less and less till you have little or no use for the guards.

Why should I opt for Sleepright when the market is flooded with similar products?

Firstly, Sleepright is easier to fit compared to any guard. This is attributed to the fact that it doesn’t apply the boil and bite technique like most do. This eliminates all the hustles of achieving a perfect fit.

Secondly, it is way cheaper than most guards especially those made for you by your dentist. Why pay hundreds of dollars while you can get the same for under $50?

In addition, Sleepright enables you to breathe, talk and drink while it is in your mouth. The same can’t be said for other guards.

Lastly and more importantly, Sleepright is very effective in putting an end to your bruxism. Many people end up being disappointed after spending a lot of cash on other guards which do little or nothing to end that habit.

With Sleepright, you get your money’s worth!

How do I choose a model that’s right for me?

There is no fixed guideline as to which model you should choose.

However, factors to put into consideration include;

  • The size of your mouth
  • The durability of the guard
  • The price of the model
  • The severity of your bruxism

Why do my jaws hurt after I remove the guard?

Soreness and fatigue of the jaw are common especially during the first weeks of using Sleepright.

This is however a temporary situation as your body tries to adjust to this foreign object. Overtime, they grow less and less severe to the point of being almost negligible.

Is Sleepright suitable for kids with bruxism?

Theoretically, it would work on kids as it would on adults. This is however highly advised against.

As I stated earlier, Sleepright models are simply a means to an end. Kids tend to grow fully dependent on stuff which would make it almost impossible to grow out of their need for the guard.

Due to this, Sleepright is only recommended for adults (18 and over).

How do I clean my Sleepright?

Simply rinse with cold water or mouth wash then dry completely to prevent bacterial growth. Afterwards, store in the provided case.

I hear Sleepright stops snoring too. Is that true?

As with most products, consumers tend to discover alternative uses. One such alternative use for Sleepright is that it helps to fight snoring and mild sleep apnea.

This is not to say that it will do the same for you. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, consider the numerous snoring aids available in the market. Among others they include chinstraps, pillows and mouth guards.

Do the manufacturers offer a warranty?

Yes, all the models come with a replacement warranty. This is to say that you can trade in one for another as long as the warranty (3 months) has not expired.

Where can I get Sleepright?

You can buy it online on Splintek’s site or on Amazon. You can also get it offline in retailer stores.

I recommend buying the models on amazon as they are cheaper there.

My Experience with Sleepright

I have been grinding my teeth for as long as I could remember. The condition was responsible for the chirping of my molars which made me extra sensitive to cold and hot stuff.

Like any normal 21st century individual, I decided to Google the condition and that’s when I learnt about bruxism. I dare say that I became an expert of sorts.

I read numerous reviews as well as testimonials on the various solutions available and one name kept popping up. Sleepright.

I figured since so many people with a similar problem claimed it helped them it ought to do the same for me. I ordered the Select comfort, for obvious reasons, on amazon and it was delivered to me in two days.

At first, the jaw soreness almost made me quit its use but with time it became less and less pronounced. That was about a year ago and I am proud to say that my bruxism is no more.

My main challenge was breaking from the dependency. I gradually reduced usage from daily to a day less a week until I found little use for it.

I am living proof that Sleepright is a solution to bruxism. It is important to remember that as effective as it is, it is a means to an end.

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