Our tested SnoreRx review: Real life testing with snoring patients

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Last updated on October 6th, 2016 at 08:39 am

Do you find that you are having trouble sleeping without your snoring being heard through your entire home? Do you find that people that sleep in your home are complaining about the level of noise that your snoring is bringing?

Many families have these complaints but have no resolution to their snoring issues. When you need to get a good nights rest, the last thing that you need is to stay awake all night due to snoring. This is why we decided to carry reviews on different snoring aids that are available on the market today.

snorerx reviews five peopleWe decided to start these SnoreRx reviews so that you can make an educated decision on your next purchase

Many consumers get ripped off each year by purchasing anti snoring products that don’t work like they are advertised. We created this review with a total of 5 test subjects that had snoring issues through the night. Many of them stated they have had problems with snoring ever since they were little. We documented each test to ensure everything was accurate.

Start Of Our SnoreRx Reviews

The beginning of our SnoreRx reviews consisted of just a few simple things:

* Five Test Subjects

* Five SnoreRx Kits

* Five Beds

snorerx reviews bedroomWe have a very big home that was able to accommodate all of the sleep patients for this test.

To ensure that everything was controlled, we had each person sleep in their own room with nothing but their SnoreRx kit. To ensure that everyone slept the same way we also setup each bedroom to have just the basics so that each person could get to bed at the same time. We did this in two segments in which each person slept without the SnoreRx kit and then with before we did our SnoreRx reviews.

How did the test go?

To ensure that each of the SnoreRx reviews we placed were accurate, we made sure that each individual did indeed have a snoring problem before we continued further. We took the time to document the level of each individuals snoring habits and each person did have constant snoring through the entire evening. After we concluded that each person had snoring problems we then moved forward to test each person with SnoreRx to document the results.

The next evening we began our testing for our final SnoreRx review so that we could prepare for our final opinion on how this product actually works. Everyone fell asleep just like the night prior and all of their sleep environments were the same as before. We noticed that all of the participants didn’t have any issue with snoring through the 7 hour period we did our testing. At the end of the test we then decided to take statement about the product.

The verdict

We have myself and two other assistants as a witness to confirm that each participant didn’t snore while doing our SnoreRx assesment. We then asked each person their feedback about the product. Each tester agreed that it wasn’t uncomfortable to use and none had issues with waking up through the night over issues with fitting. The only negative remark was that one person reported that they slept in bed longer than they did before.

To ensure our final test was accurate we did the test one more time to ensure that this product really did curb snoring.

After the next day of testing, all of the individuals involved had the same result as before with no snoring through the night. Out of all of the snoring products we have come across in the past, this product is one of the best anti snoring products we have encountered.

Patrick Mahinge is a freelance writer who knows how it feels like to be a chronic snorer. He helps keep Snorezing updated with fresh anti-snoring content and product reviews. Connect with him on Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook.

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