VitalSleep Mouthpiece Review! Yes It Really Works to Stop Snoring

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Approximately 30% of people over 30 years of age are ‘snorers’. That percentage increases with age. This can be a problem for two reasons:

  1. It can cause sleep deprivation which in turn causes irritability, lack of focus and even drowsiness during the day.
  2. It can also cause sleep problems for your spouse or bedroom partner.

What is The VitalSleep Mouthpiece?

The VitalSleep Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is a new anti snoring mouthpiece that helps stop snoring.

But aren’t there other similar mouthpieces that do the same thing? The answer is yes. There are similar devices, but they are not exactly the same.

There are a number of anti snoring mouthpieces that are designed specifically to help people stop snoring. And they have been effective … to some degree. But one of the main problems has been the comfort of these mouthpieces. Even those made by dentists, which often cost much more, lack the comfort that many snorers desire.

So the makers of VitalSleep have put some extra effort and technology into helping relieve this problem. First, they make it so that you are the one that fits it to your jaw by placing the mouthpiece into boiling water. This softens it up so that when you place it into your mouth, it will mold to the form of your mouth.

VitalSleep Reviews

But they have taken it even a step further. They have given you a tool that allows you to enter it into a slot inside the mouthpiece and make slight adjustments if it is too tight or too loose.

The VitalSleep anti snoring mouthpiece is similar to some of the other snoring devices in the market in that it pulls the lower jaw slightly forward in order to  open the airway in the back of the throat. This relieves some of the vibration of the soft tissue (which causes the snoring sound) but also allows more air into the lungs and ultimately the bloodstream, which produces a much more restful and beneficial sleep.

When this occurs, often irritability and other problems are reduced the next day because of the higher quality of sleep received the night before.

But how effective is VitalSleep? Well, it actually helps most of those that use it. But there are a few that it does not. Fortunately, Vital Sleep offers a 30 day money back guarantee if it is too uncomfortable or the mouthpiece does not work for you.

Overall, it seems to be the best ‘no-snoring mouthpiece’ available today. It is less expensive than most of its competitors, which helps also.

My RatingGood – 7/10 Could be more comfortable but works :-D
Product Description And Summary Chart
TypeMandibular Advancement Mouthpiece
FDA ClearedYes :-D
BBB AccreditationNo – Not sought Not Compulsory – See BBB Comments
BBB Rating [A-F]N/A
Money Back GuaranteeYes – 30 Day PLUS 12 Month Replacement Warranty :-D:-D
CostUSD $59.95 plus Shipping from $7.90 to $18.90 – Your choice of shipping method :-D
Made InUSA
SoldInternationally :-D
Clinical Studies CompletedEffectiveness Of Mandibular Advancement Mouthpieces
Best Suited ToMost snorers – Possibly people who wear dentures, caps, crowns and bridge work

How it Compares

Both Zquiet and Pure Sleep products have attempted to help with this problem in the past … with some success.

Vitalsleep has simply put the effort into improvement on past products with some success.

This ’stop snoring mouthpiece’ has been ‘FDA cleared’. It is made to fit your mouth (using hot water to soften it so it can be adjusted for anyone’s mouth). The mouthpiece has been formed in such a way that it holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position while you are asleep. This opens the airway in the back of the throat and allows more air into the lungs. This helps eliminate the snoring by reducing or eliminating the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue.

It also allows a better night’s sleep because more oxygen is put into the bloodstream.

One of its main competitors is Pure Sleep. In a Vital Sleep vs. Pure Sleep comparison, Vital Sleep has added an important component … it allows you to adjust the Vital Sleep by a special mechanism within the mouthpiece. Plus it is more comfortable than Pure Sleep.

Will this mouthpiece work for everyone? No. There will be a small percentage of people that think that it is too much of a bother or that simply will continue snoring (although probably much less than before). But the great thing is that it costs less than most of its competitors and has a 30 day money back guarantee if it does not work.

For most of us that have problems with snoring, it could be worth the effort to give a better chance at sleeping well at night and improving our productivity and demeanor during the day.

It will also help the one that you sleep with.

You can get more expensive mouthpieces through your dentist … but many times they are no better than the less expensive one.

And many times they are more uncomfortable.

One of the great things about technology is that there always seem to be improvements over the years. Vital Sleep has definite improvements over mouthpieces of the past. Should you purchase the product? That depends on how inconvenient (or harmful) you think snoring is to your life.

Vital Sleep is a mandibular advancement device that helps you stop snoring if your snoring is caused by your tongue.

A mandibular advancement device or MAD helps prevent snoring by holding the tongue and the lower jaw forward to let air pass swiftly.

Vital Sleep is manufactured by The Snore Reliever Company, is FDA cleared and is made up of safe materials. It is BPA and latex free.

How does it work?

Vital Sleep comes in two sizes, small and regular. The size that you will need will depend on your mouth structure but generally, the small size is usually for women and the regular is for men. Before using the mouthpiece, you can put it in hot water so that it will soften up a little so that when you put it in your mouth, it will automatically fit better.

Once the fit is perfect, you can use the provided hex tool to move the lower part forward.

You can adjust all you want until you find the perfect comfort level that will allow you to sleep soundly.

All of these will be included in the manual when you buy the anti snoring mouthpiece and while it seems like a lot of work, it will be worth it because you won’t be snoring anymore.


  • The boil and bite customization will make sure that it will fit properly to prevent any long term problems and it makes sure that it is sterile before use.
  • It comes in two sizes so anyone can use it.
  • BPA and latex free. These are materials that can cause harm to users.
  • Can be used with dentures as long as you sleep wearing them.
  • Easy to clean and maintain by using either a toothbrush and toothpaste or denture cleaners.
  • One year free replacement. You can ask a free replacement if ever your mouthpiece is damaged.
  • Offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • You may experience discomfort and soreness at first.
  • You can’t use Vital Sleep if you are wearing braces.
  • Limited to preventing snoring. Some mouthpiece are able to provide relief for sleep apnea, such as Good Morning Snore Solution.
  • First few times of using, the device might fall out of your mouth.


stop-snoring-mouthpiece-by-vitalsleep-helps-to-prevent-snoring-44Vital Sleep is a great anti snoring device. The pros clearly outweigh the cons so if you are looking for a mouthpiece for snoring, we can recommend it.

You can buy Vital Sleep for $59.95 and it comes with 2 units. You can choose either 2 of each sizes or 1 of each. The regular price of 1 unit is $69.95 but for a limited time, they are offering 2 for $59.95, that’s a bargain!

If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 30 days of receiving them, no questions asked. If you are satisfied but for some reason, the mouthpiece gets damaged or does not function properly, you can get a replacement shipped to you, for free. The free replacement is valid for 1 whole year.

If you would like to read some FAQs and reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers, you can visit the Official Website.

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