Best Natural Sleep Aid for Toddlers- We Reviewed the Best Toddler Sleep Aids

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Those who suffer from sleeping problems not only have to deal with the long boring nights laying there in bed but also the fatigue of not having enough energy the next day.

Having no energy to do your daily tasks at work or school, can have a devastating effect on your performance in the workplace and can have a real negative impact on your ability to study or learn.

The right amount of sleep is essential to good health and lacking in sleep can be damaging to the the normal functions of the human body.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can contribute type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions such as obesity and hormonal problems. The adequate amount of sleep for a human is between 7 and 8 hours, any more or less than this amount, can lead to health problems over the long term.

Having insomnia or any kind of sleeping problem is not good and anyone that suffers from a lack of sleep will tell you how terrible it is and the effect it has on their life. Many sufferers will turn to prescription sleeping medications for a quick fix to their sleeping problems, only to find out that a few weeks later, the sleep medication doesn’t work as good as it used to and they increase the dosage because of the tolerance build up. The increased dosage only works for a bit longer, then more tolerance is built up.

Prescription sleep meds can work in the short term, but only lead to a bigger problem down the track as the body becomes dependent on the medication.

To put it simply, drugs are a short term fix and are not good for you. Nearly all drugs do damage to the body, whether they be over the counter or prescription. The damaging effects can be neurological or they can be harmful to the liver and kidneys, when used over the long term.

Are There Any Safe Ways to Get Good Night’s Sleep?

There are ways to get a better nights sleep and one of the most effective ways to get better sleep is to take a natural sleeping pill which contains ingredients that work. Natural sleeping pills are unlike prescription or over the counter medications, as they have very little to no side effects, plus they work better over the long term.

What Are the Best Natural Sleeping Pills?

A good natural sleeping pill is one that puts you to sleep and keeps doing this night after night and should contain the best available natural ingredients.


natural sleep aids for toddlers One of the best natural ingredients available today is – 5HTP, which is related to the essential amino acid – tryptophan.

Tryptophan is known to help with getting a better nights sleep, and it has a good track record and is completely safe.

5HTP is derived from tryptophan and is converted into serotonin in the human body and is even more effective as a sleeping aid than tryptophan and much smaller doses are needed to have the same or better effect.

To put it simply, 5HTP helps to get you to sleep faster and keeps your sleeping patterns regular and many people are now discovering the benefits on sleeping that 5HTP has to offer.

There are other natural supplements and herbs that help with sleeping and although they are not quite as effective as 5HTP, they can certainly help aid with sleeping problems when combined in the correct amounts.

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Other Natural Sleeping Aids


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This herb is known to mildly assist people to get a better nights sleep by promoting drowsiness and muscle relaxation.

Valerian has a sedating effect and is a well know herb that helps aid nervous tension and mild insomnia. Valerian works well when combined with 5HTP.


melatonin and xanaxThere are supplements which contain the substance – melatonin which is actually a hormone which is naturally produced in the brain by the pineal gland.

Melatonin is known as the sleep-wake hormone which has a direct effect on the body’s circadian rhythms and is one of the most important hormones required for a good nights sleep.

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Lemon Balm

Lemon balm extractAnother herb which helps with sleeping and is known as a calming herb that can help with easing stress and anxiety.

When lemon balm is combined with other sedating herbs, the effect on sleep is much greater than used on it’s own.


A herb which is known for it’s calming effect on the digestive system, but also has a slight sedating effect when used before bed time.


Magnesium is a mineral which is found in the human body and taking it as a supplement can relax the muscles and also help with getting better sleep.


Is an essential nutrient required for the proper functioning of the human body and studies have shown that supplementing with niacin can have an effect on REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

Combining niacin with 5HTP and other supplements can increase the effectiveness on helping with sleep.

Passion Flower

Another herb that is used to help with anxiety and nervous tension and may promote better sleep as it has a mild sedative action.


This Is another good supplement to try if 5HTP isn’t working for you, as some have reported better success with this supplement. L-tryptophan sleep.

More Tips on How to Get Better Sleep

Sleep in a Dark Room: The darker the room is that you sleep in, the better chance you have of not only getting to sleep earlier, but staying asleep for longer. More of the sleep hormone melatonin, is secreted when you are in total darkness.

Try to Sleep in a Quiet Room: Not only does light keep you awake of a night, so does noise. Try and create a nice quiet environment so you wont wake up when you hear a noise.

Get Into a Regular Sleeping Pattern: Going to bed and waking up at the same times everyday helps your body get into a routine and sticking to this routine will help condition your body to get a better nights sleep.

Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and no more than 8, as studies have shown this amount of sleep is ideal for the proper functioning of the human body. Getting up when the sun comes up is generally ideal, as the light that is produced when daylight breaks, has an effect on the sleep-wake hormone – melatonin.

Avoid Caffeine or Energy Drinks After Midday: Having an energy drink or a drink that contains caffeine can contribute to sleeping problems and should be avoided in the afternoon and night time, as these drinks are known to stimulate the body and keep you awake at night. Also, try to limit your overall intake, as this can also help to get a better sleep later on.

Shift Work: If you do shift work and work throughout the night, your natural sleep patterns are thrown out.

When you go to sleep during the day, try to make your room as dark as possible and getting a pair of eye covers will help to block out the light. Blocking out the light will help you to get to sleep easier, as the darkness will help to produce more melatonin.

Getting a nice quiet environment to sleep in during the day, is not always possible, so getting a white noise generator could be a good option, as these generators, help to block out other noises which can wake you up.

Sleeping Problems Can Cause Weight Gain

When you don’t get enough sleep, you body tries to compensate for the lack of sleep by increasing your food intake and you will find yourself eating more food and craving for the wrong kinds of foods, such as fast burning carbohydrates which are known to put on weight.

Shift workers can have a problem with weight gain overtime as their bodies natural rhythms are thrown out of whack.

If you are now getting the right amount of sleep and are still finding it hard to lose that weight that you put on from when you weren’t getting enough, then some good tips and advice will come in handy.

For some good weight loss advice and help, try this site – Kilojoules to calories it not only has great tips on how to lose weight, but it also has the recommended daily energy intake for men and women.

People with sleeping problems don’t need to suffer with their problems anymore, as there are now many natural and safe treatments out there that are effective with getting better sleep.

Alcohol is bad for sleeping and using this to get to sleep every night is not a good idea as it can only make your sleeping problems worse in the long run. Alcohol and sleep problems are a bad mix and it is not recommended to go down this path.

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