Want to stop snoring? We reviewed the top anti snoring pillows

smart anti snore pillow

Snoring pillows aim to position the head and neck in sleeping postures that may help to reduce blockage of the airways so that breathing is easier and quiet.

These smart pillows are generally designed so that the central area of the pillow is thinner than the sides. The idea is that your head should be aligned with your spinal column whatever sleeping position you adopt. This in turn, should keep your airway clear as you sleep.

We reviewed the best anti snoring pillows

If you like to sleep on your back…

For people who sleep on their backs, an anti-snoring pillow may help to keep the chin elevated off the chest keeping the air passage open, and snoring at bay.

In some people, snoring may begin when the chin is pushed down to the chest, which can be caused by normal pillows, causing the airways in the throat to become obstructed. This can cause a snoring noise in the back of the throat and sinus region.

Snoring pillows aim to stop your chin from dipping to your chest while sleeping.

Anti snoring pillows for side-sleepers

c shaped anti snoring pillow for side sleepersFor snorers who sleep on their sides, the curved roll on the pillow under the neck may assist to keep the jaw forward and the head from rolling.

Keeping your shoulder and head on the same level when sleeping on your side will avoid neck pain that you might feel if these are not positioned properly.

There are pillows that were designed to ensure that your head and shoulder will be on the same level. The pillow with contour raised horizontally at the bottom part is one of these. This is the best anti snoring pillow for side sleepers like you.

However, people don’t have the same perception on what’s comfortable. One pillow might be best for one but not for the other. There are so many options that you can choose from buying the best pillow for side sleepers. Aside from the usual rectangular shaped pillow, L-shaped and C-shaped pillows are also getting popular choices for side sleepers.

The fill of a pillow is another thing that you should consider when buying anti snore pillows. It should be soft to provide comfort and thick to prevent difficulties in breathing. If the pillow is too thin, it might feel like you are not using a pillow at all.

A soft pillow will also prevent hurting your ears. Some side sleepers feel sore on the ear when they wake up because of a hard pillow.

Magnetic pillows

Some anti snoring pillows on the market use magnetic therapy. An example that comes to mind is the Therion Magnetics Memory Foam pillow.

Manufacturers of magnetic pillows claim that their product not only corrects sleeping posture to avoid air obstruction, but also relieves neck and back pain using magnetic therapy.

Choosing the right size

Why is it important to choose the right size of a pillow?

Getting the size ensures that you get right curve for your neck.

Kids should choose a junior size while most women require a small or medium pillow. Small to average men should choose the medium, but taller or larger men may need a large pillow.

Do anti snore pillows work?

Ultimately, how much an anti-snoring pillow does the job can only be determined by the snorer.

Be wary of claims that studies have proven they work. Ask who did the study and who paid for it. Some of these studies are purely marketing!

To get the opinions of people who have actually tried snoring pillows, go to an Internet search engine and type “snoring +forum” (with quotes). This will enable you to read other people’s anti snoring pillows reviews and experiences. You can even post your own review to help other shoppers or ask questions if you are in doubt.

However, you also need to be wary that the forum is operated by an independent source and not one of the manufacturers.

If you decide to buy an anti snoring pillow , look for an unconditional money back guarantee, so that you can try one and return it, if it doesn’t work. Who knows? You may love snoring pillows.

What anti snore pillow do we recommend

Nora made such a gusto on Kickstarter, but we are still waiting for more user reviews to determine whether this is the best anti snoring pillow.

However, apart from the Nora Snore Pillow, there are several other anti snore pillows that are available in the market, some that might actually be better than Nora.

We have personally tried different anti snoring pillows and read thousands of other user reviews to determine the best anti snore pillows. Below, we provide you with reviews of 5 of the best snore pillows in the market.

The snoring pillows industry has also embraced technology. A few days ago, I wrote a review about a new anti-snoring device by the name Nora, an expensive but effective snoring aid.

Nora works. But it is not the only smart snoring solution available for you.

Introducing the Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

The Smart Anti-Snore is an innovative pillow design that is aimed at reducing your snoring the smart way.

The pillow comes equipped with sonic sensors which are used to detect snoring sounds. The sensors immeaditely activate motion shifting snoring has been detected.

Motion shifters

firm pillows for snoring and sleep apneaThe pillow shifts your head in a horizontal motion i.e. left to right. This motion is gentle enough such that you can sleep through it.

This shifting motion helps achieve two things. Firstly, it tightens your throat muscles. When tightened, the muscles are stimulated hence the airways remain open which allows you to breathe normally.

Secondly, it strengthens your throat muscles. Think of it as a kind of work out for your throat. As you continue to use the pillow, the throat becomes stronger and stronger which reduces snoring incidences with time.

Contoured support

snore no more sleep apnea pillowContoured medical pillows are not only good for snoring and sleep apnea, but can also be an effective relief for neck pain.

The contours allow the snoring pillow to assume the shape created by your head, neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it positions your head perfectly i.e. neither too high nor too low.

In this position, the stress on your neck is reduced and your breathing is returned to normal.


Provides the electrical power needed to run the pillow.

Removable covers

pillow for sleep apneaThe pillow comes with two removable covers; the inner cover and the outer cover.

To remove the covers, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the adapter.
  • Unzip the cover.
  • Remove the adapter from the adapter outlet hole.
  • Remove the outer pillow cover.
  • Take off the inner pillow cover.

Once they are out, you can wash them as you would any other pillow cover. After they are clean and dry, follow these steps to put them back:

  • Put on the inner cover. Make sure the back is centered on specialized area and then smooth it out.
  • Put on the outer cover from depressing surface and make it even.
  • Turn right side up then unzip outer cover.
  • Take adapter and put through adapter outlet hole.
  • Zip the outer cover and connect the adapter to a wall socket or extension.

Frequency setter

The frequency setter is a cool mechanism that you can use to adjust the frequency of the horizontal motion i.e. the number of times the pillow shifts.

This is particularly useful since not everyone snores the same. Snorers can be categorized into 3; mild, average and severe. As such, each requires a unique frequency setting.

To set your preferred frequency;

  • Unzip the pillow cover.
  • Adjust to 0, 1 (sets the frequency to 3 times) or 2 (sets the frequency to 5 times) if you are a mild snorer.
  • Select 3(sets the frequency to 7 times) if you are an average snorer. This is also the default frequency setting.
  • Select 4 (sets frequency to 9 times) 5, 6, 7 (sets frequency to 11 times) for severe snorers.

How smart pillow works

Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

To understand how the snoring pillow works, you need to first of all understand what causes snoring in people.

When you are asleep your muscles tend to relax. When the throat muscles relax, they collapse which causes a reduction in the airways.

When you breathe, the air is forced to pass through a narrower airway which causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate. The vibration of these tissues causes a sound which we know as snoring.

loud snoring sound

Now that you know that, you are ready to know how the pillow works.

When it’s time for bed, simply plug in the adapter and proceed to sleep. The smart pillow works in any position (side or back) so you need not worry about the discomfort of maintaining a single position throughout the entire night.

The sonic sensors are alert immediately you lie on the pillow. When snoring inevitably kicks in, the sensors automatically activates the motion shifter after a 4th snore is detected.

The pillow then moves gently horizontally at a frequency stipulated by you. In the event that you are an average snorer, the pillow will shift at frequency 3 i.e. it shifts 7 times.

As it does so, the throat muscles becomes stimulated and with every shift, the airway is opened up more and more. This allows your breathing to return to normal and the snoring sound declines to zero.

Once the sensor detects no more snoring, the shifting motion is deactivated. Upon detecting snoring, the shifting is activated once more and the process is repeated. This goes on till morning.

When you wake up, unplug the adapter until a later time when its use will be needed.

FAQs about the smart snore pillow

Is the smart snore pillow applicable to persons with sleep apnea?

For those of you that are hearing of sleep apnea for the first time, it is a more severe form of snoring which affects the supply of oxygen to your organs.

Persons suffering from it tend to wake up with a loud snore. This is the body’s way of taking up the much needed oxygen. Apnea could be mild or severe.

Smart pillow is effective in the case of mild sleep apnea but the same could not be said for severe sleep apnea which may require use of machines such as CPAP and BPAP.

How effective is the smart snore pillow?

As with most products, its effectiveness can be ascertained by trying it personally. However, it could also be ascertained by persons who have used it.

For instance, Shauna Goh says “My husband is a severe snorer who even wakes himself up from the loud noises. We tried almost every snore solution but most proved ineffective. The CPAP worked but he complained of its discomfort and he gave it up after a week. However, since he started using the smart pillow, the snoring has reduced and we now sleep peacefully and snore free.”

If she hasn’t convinced you then perhaps Timothy will. “After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I tried everything without much change. After my girlfriend recommended the smart pillow, I begun using it and I noted improvements. I am even recommending it to my father.”

Can I buy it online?
Yes you can. You can buy the pillow on online shops such as Amazon and have it shipped to your door step.

Do you need a prescription for the smart pillow?

The smart pillow is a sleeping aid and not a medical aid. As such, no prescription is needed. However, it wouldn’t hurt to consult your doctor prior to acquiring one.

What’s the return policy?

Being a personal effect, return is not allowed as it is difficult to resell a pillow that has been used even for a few nights.

For this reason, it is advised that you are certain you want the pillow before you purchase it.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the smart snore pillow has a one year warranty from date of purchase that covers any manufacturer defect provided the pillow is used in the right way and washing instructions are followed.

Why choose the smart anti-snore pillow

Snoring is by far something that you should be comfortable living with. It affect both you and partner or roommates since it interferes with your sleep.

Lack of adequate sleeps means that you wake up feeling exhausted and not well rested. During the day, you will experience drowsiness and fatigue hence you will less productive.

Admittedly, there are very many snoring aids available in the market, so why then should you choose the smart pillow?

Snore no more and feel comfortable

Some snoring aids though effective are very uncomfortable. It takes a helluva time to get used to sleeping with a CPap Mask or a snoring mouthpiece…

But using a pillow for snoring is whole different experience. Like other pillows in the market, the Smart Anti-snore Pillow combines both comfort and effectiveness.

But what I infinitely like about this pillow is the fact that I can sleep in whichever position I want. It is not like the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow, which forces you to sleep on your side in order to work.

Sleeping devices that force you to sleep in a particular position are not very effective. Ask any side sleeper how it feels to have the side sleeper should pain. It is insane!

It is also not very logical to try to sleep in one position throughout the night.

The Smart Anti-Snore Pillow works regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Some sleeping aids only work if you sleep in one position, usually the back (supine position). This is highly uncomfortable since most people move around the bed in their sleep.

The smart pillow isn’t like this. It works with you in any position hence giving you the freedom to toss and turn however much you like.

Best Anti Snoring Pillow by Price

A single pillow goes for about $300- $480. This price may seem to be high but compared to other aids such as the CPAP machines, the smart pillow is cheaper by far.

Furthermore, if the pillow is maintained properly, it will last longer hence saving you the cost of having to replace regularly.


If you have struggled with snoring or know of a person who does, I’d recommend you direct them to this snoring pillow. The smart pillow is the way to go.

You trust your other smart gadgets to do the job so why not trust a smart pillow to put an end to your snoring?

Choose to stop snoring the smart way and get yourself or someone you know a smart snore pillow today!

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