5 lifestyle changes that will instantly remedy your snoring

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People, especially those who are not affected by a snoring partner, tend to joke about snoring problems. Snoring, however, can be an indication of other sleep disorders or serious illness.

It can also create friction in the bedroom if the snoring constantly keeps your partner awake. This tension, in turn, may even drive devoted couples apart. So snoring is not really an issue to be taken lightly.

While there are plenty of snoring aids that you can buy over the counter, it just could be that you really don’t need them. The first place to look is at yourself, your lifestyle, and determine if something you are doing or not doing could be the cause of your snoring.

Changing a bad lifestyle habit may not only be cheaper, it may actually lead to a more permanent cure for your snores.

So, here are 5 lifestyle changes that you can make to stop snoring.

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lose weight to stop snoringHave you put on weight recently?

Did you notice that your snoring is worse than usual?

Well, the two may be related. Obesity and being overweight have been shown to contribute to snoring.

Having too much throat tissue or floppy throat tissue will aggravate or cause snoring.

Exercises can help tighten up that tissue. Even better, lose that weight and your snoring could very well diminish or disappear!

Why not both weight loss and exercise? This will not only help your snoring problem, but lead to a healthier life altogether.


smoking cigarette causes snoringIf you are a smoker, I know you are getting tired of hearing this, since smoking has been blamed for almost every malady known to man, but bear with me ;).

Smoking, or even second hand cigarette smoke, has been proven to cause breathing problems. Many smokers experience lung and nasal congestion.

To make matters worse, smoking relaxes the throat muscles. As I have said before, loose throat muscles, coupled with a restricted airway, results in snoring. So, just one more reason to throw that pack away and become smoke free!


alcohol causes snoringWhy do people drink excessively?

Usually to relieve stress and relax.

And relax they will.

Unfortunately, among the muscles that are relaxed by alcohol consumption are those in your throat!

To top that, excessive drinking has also been known to cause nasal congestion, which further restricts you breathing passageways.

Try to limit the amount of alcohol consumed prior to bed time. If possible, don’t drink alcohol at all for at least four hours prior to laying down to sleep. This will allow the affects of the alcohol on the muscles time to wear off, and could well stop your snoring problem immediately.

Sleeping pills

Much like alcohol, sleeping pills and tranquilizers relax the muscles in your throat, and this can result in snoring. Unless you absolutely need them to sleep, it is highly recommended that these be left in your medicine cabinet.

Sleeping position

sleeping on your back aggravates snoringLaying on your back will aggravate a snoring problem, since this causes the muscles in the back of your mouth, as well as your tongue, to fall back, restricting the airway.

However, it can be difficult to sleep on your side if you have been sleeping on your back for a long time.

One way to train yourself to sleep on your side is to place a tennis ball in a sock and pin it to the back of your pajamas. This way whenever you sleep on your back the tennis ball will cause intolerable discomfort and you will be prevented from doing so and slowly you will start sleeping on your side.

Optionally, you can buy an anti snore pillow that is specially designed for side sleepers


There you have it!

If any of these lifestyle tips apply to you, changing the habits can reduce or eliminate your snoring, without forking out the money for snore cure products. At a minimum, changing these bad habits can result in a better quality life.

Until next time… sleep well!

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