Snoring Facts, Stats and General Information to help you stop snoring

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The causes and cures for snoring are many faceted.

They include overeating, excess dairy products which cause mucus production, and lack of exercise leading to a build-up of fatty tissues around the nasal area, nasal stuffiness, small or collapsing nostrils, unsuitable sleeping position, allergy, smoking, alcohol and sleeping pills.

It is recommended that the sufferer undergoes various tests to find out what exactly the causes are of this unfortunate and disturbing affliction, which may not trouble the snorer but certainly impinges on the health and well being of the sleeping partner!

There are certain known causes,they include the following :

  • Old Age
    We are all growing. As the human body gets old the muscles tend to get weaker.
    This does not mean actual muscle loss but that the soft tissues of the back of the nose and throat area are becoming softer and more relaxed.The muscles in the neck and face are also affected.This weakness in the neck and nose muscles can give rise to snoring for a lot of aged people. However regular exercise and proper dieting can help curb snoring in old age.
  • Nasal Congestion and the causes and cures for snoring.
    If you have ever had a “stuffed up” nose, you know what it means to sleep at night breathing through your mouth. This would naturally cause you to snore. Other causes of nasal congestion include injury to the septum or malformation of the septum. The septum is a cartilage that separates your nasal passages and if it is not balanced it can cause one nostril to be partially blocked and result in snoring.
  • Alcohol and Cigarettes
    Smoking Cigarettes leaves your airways dry and scratchy,and can lead to snoring. Alcohol can also induce snoring. When you take in alcohol the muscles of your tongue and throat become more relaxed ,thereby causing the soft tissue in your throat to collapse inwards and vibrate when you sleep.
  • Sleeping Position
    The way you sleep can also cause you to snore. Like everything on our planet gravity still holds sway. Research shows that if you sleep on your back the force of gravity may make you open your mouth and when you breathe through your mouth and this may cause snoring. Also gravity affects the soft tissue in your throat causing it to hang more loosely and it is more likely to vibrate when you sleep and cause you to snore.
  • Medications and the causes and cures of snoring
    Medications have a very strong effect on the body.They can have different effects you including snoring. Antihistamines and nasal decongestants dry out your airways, and this may lead to snoring. Sedatives and tranquilizers, or sedating painkillers, work on your throat muscles in a similar way to alcohol. By relaxing these muscles, causing the collapse of soft tissue, or vibration, they may induce snoring.
  • Being Over Weight
    Excess fat in the neck and throat can narrow your air passage and cause snoring. Depending on the uniqueness of your body this might not be your story,but statistics has shown that 9 out of 10 overweight people snore.

Tips to stop Snoring


There are so many tips to stop snoring. Different people have their opinions about what works and what does not. Some people will opt to use snoring aids, while others will swear that eating certain food stops snoring.

Despite this, there are some time tested tips that will almost always help you conquer snoring. I am going to be listing them on this page.

Sleeping Position

Brookstone anti snore pillowAlways make sure that your head is elevated by using a good pillow. This will help the flow of air and reduce constriction that causes snoring.

There are also a class of special pillows that stop snoring. The anti snore pillows are constructed to help adjust your head, neck, shoulders and arms when you sleep.

And they have been proven to be very effective against snoring.

A good example is the Celliant Sleep Anti Snore Pillow, which is available on Amazon.

Are you overweight?

When you are overweight the tissues of your neck and throat become so soft that they cause constrictions when you sleep and affect the flow of air.

Statistics show that most overweight people snore. My advice is that you do all you can to lose some weight. Obesity not only causes snoring but also acts as a host of other illnesses like sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the muscle of your throat and your tongue. Whenever you take alcohol before bedtime you are most likely to snore.

Avoid taking alcohol before bedtime and you should be ok.

Smoking won’t help

If you smoke, you are most likely to snore because smoking makes the tissues of your throat to become dry and itchy.

This induces snoring.

I am not asking that you quit smoking but you should try not smoking at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Make sure that you do not stay beside someone who smokes because that would just be the same as smoking yourself.

Sleep on your side

Avoid sleeping on your back or belly.

Whenever you sleep on your back your tongue will falls backward and will rub against the inner part of throat and create that snoring sound.

The same applies when you sleep on your tommy, you also block the flow of air. Doctors advise snorers that the best sleeping position is sleeping their side.

 Use an anti snoring mouthpiece

snorerx reviews cleaning
An anti snoring mouthpiece can help you combat snoring at night

An anti snoring mouthpiece brings the lower jaw forward or lifts the soft palate depending on the brand you have.

Some brands like Zyppah can even stop the tongue from falling backward and ultimately avoid snoring and is very effective against snoring.

Check my page on the best anti snoring aids for more information.

Heavy Meals

Avoid taking heavy meals before bedtime. Also avoid spicy or oily food before sleeping. All this will only make your snoring worse.

Stop Snoring Exercise

This is the most effective natural stop snoring solution. These are simple exercises that help to curb your snoring and strengthen your jaw and throat. They are very effective against snoring and can be done by anyone.

Snoring can be solved if you follow these tips to stop snoring. These are the top tips to stop snoring.


Snoring during Pregnancy

snoring-during-prenancySnoring during pregnancy should not alarm you or your partner.  During pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of changes and will eventually return to normal after you put to bed.  Not every pregnant woman snores when sleeping.

In fact, a recent study carried out by sleep doctors showed that only about 4% of women snored during pregnancy. These were women who never snored before they got pregnant. The results seemed to show that pregnancy and snoring go hand in hand.

Snoring is caused by constrictions in the airway i.e. it occurs when your soft palate vibrates and rubs against other parts of the throat. Snoring sounds can reach up to 90 decibels, the same sound a passing train makes.

What causes heavy snoring for pregnant women?

As earlier stated during pregnancy, a woman’s body changes and some of these changes are erratic. Sometimes these changes might initiate snoring.

An example is weight gain during pregnancy. When you gain weight during pregnancy, you neck becomes thicker.

There is also a greater blood flow during pregnancy that can constrict blood vessels and make your airways smaller. Even hormones in your blood that control your pelvic area can make your neck more relaxed and it’s muscles loosened.

The muscles of your neck becoming relaxed will make the occurrence of snoring higher.

For women who are overweight and pregnant, snoring is almost inevitable because weight gain during pregnancy directly affects your body.

How to reduce, stop or prevent heavy snoring when you are pregnant

I am listing below very simple things you can do to help yourself if you snore.

  • Become conscious of unnecessary weight gain.
  • Try to always sleep on your side and not your back.
  • Keep your head elevated during sleep.
  • Do not smoke during pregnancy.
  • Avoid alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Do not use sleeping pills during pregnancy.
  • Try to inhale steam before going to bed.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Try to use nasal strips.

Snoring in pregnancy is really no big deal but you should let your doctor know it could be a sign of the deadly sleep apnea.
Don’t worry once you put to bed, your body begins to return to normal and snoring would likely stop.

I have a page about the best snoring aids in the market today; you should probably check it out if you or a loved has a serious snoring problem.

Have a safe delivery and a snore free night afterward!


Snoring in Children

newborn snoringSnoring in Children has become very prevalent in recent years. Stats show that about 3% to 12% of preschool age children snore. They are otherwise well and just have primary snoring. Only about 2% of these have OSAS and this if untreated can lead to learning and behavior problems with short attention spans.

In contrast to children who have primary snoring they are likely to have disrupted sleep with snorts, short pauses or gasps. They may also have overly large tonsils/adenoids, breathe through their mouths, speak nasally and have nasal obstruction.

Other symptoms may include poor weight gain or overweight and high blood pressure. Parents may need to find a hospital that does sleep studies, notably a nocturnal polysomnography. The child’s sleep may be audio or videotaped, and will need a specialist to determine whether he or she has sleep Apnea.

It may be advised to remove tonsils/adenoids (adenotonsillectomy). Weight loss may be advised and help given and any allergies treated. Another treatment option is CPAP Nasal Continuous Positive Air Flow Pressure – therapy with a nasal mask.

Treatment for adult snorers

A relatively new snoring treatment for adults is the Pillar Palatal Implant System. This involves inserting small plastic rods into the soft palate, injected under local anaesthetic – the rods are about ¾ inches long. The idea is to stiffen the soft tissue of the palate, so preventing the soft roof of the mouth fluttering during sleep.

According to studies done at University Hospital in Mannheim in Germany, by Dr. Joachim T Maurer, fifteen patients treated in this way showed significant improvements after 90 days. However, further research is still needed.

Other remedies

A popular cheap remedy is the nasal strip, which is a piece of flexible plastic embedded in a sticking plaster. The strip is placed over the outside of the nose and as the plastic tries to straighten itself out, a continuous pressure pulls open the nostrils, widening the nasal passages and allowing in air.

It is important to buy the right size of strip or it won’t work. Nasal strips are popular and said to be effective but it depends on the cause of the snoring problem. They are not a cure for sleep Apnea.

Snoring in Pets

If a pet snores it may mean that a slight obstruction is vibrating and could just be a loose area of tissue in the throat.

Similar causes and treatments apply to pets as to humans – your pet may need to lose weight or have an allergy that needs to be treated. Or he or she may like to try a different bed!

One product recommended for snoring pets is SnoreStop- a homeopathic medicine made of lubricating oils, with decongestive and anti inflammatory properties. It comes in spray or tablet form.

Best Product to Stop Snoring

Finding the best Product to Stop Snoring can be a uphill task.

There are so many snoring solutions out there and if you are like me, you will be looking for an anti snoring product that is,

  • Non Invasive
  • Has a Money Back Guarantee
  • Cheap
  • Good Value for Money
  • Instant Delivery

Your snoring problem needs a solution and it needs it now. Testing and buying will not actually show you the right products to stop snoring. There is a lot of hype about stop snoring products include snoring spray, Snoring surgery, snoring mouthpiece, snoring pillows, snoring pills, snoring rings, snoring herbs, snoring this and snoring that.

Do these snoring aids really stop snoring and give you the relief that you yearn for?

I receive a lot emails from individuals with sleep problems ranging from snoring to sleep apnea to narcolepsy to sleep deprivation but I never get more emails than snoring related emails.

Most of my visitors have tried a lot of the snoring products like the ones I have mentioned above and have come back to me frustrated about the results.

One lady wanted me to know that she lost her hubby because of snoring. I understand their pain. I understand  your pain.

What is the way out?

The best snoring solution are  natural snoring remedies. This has to do with lifestyle changes and habits that if corrected can stop snoring dead in it’s tracks!

Every time I tell people that email me this, they feel like it’s not going to work. They actually prefer to spend hundreds of $$$ to find the ultimate snoring cure or tip. Here is the plain truth.

The solution is not out there. The solution is with you!

Yes, that statement is so true. You have all it takes to make your body stop snoring. I need you to understand and believe this. This is the first step to helping yourself conquer snoring.

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