If you want a better day, hit the hay: The indisputable Importance of sleep

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This probably will not come across as something you will have to sleep on in order to understand, but studies show that our well-being – how we go through each day and perform physically, mentally, and emotionally – is affected to a great extent by how much sleep we get and how good it is.

Anyone who has had a hellish day after tossing and turning all night – walking around like a zombie, forgetting things, and feeling completely drained – knows that not getting good sleep is a good way to wreck a day and make someone in dire need of sleep remedies.

Now, neurological studies conducted in America’s top schools, such as University of California-Berkeley and Harvard Medical School, give a scientific basis as to why. They also point out why a sleep aid and other cures for insomnia work.

Why Sleep Matters: How The Brain Works

Sleep is basically the period of time in which the brain rests and consolidates all the information that it gathers throughout the day.

Without this process, your brain cannot make sense of what it needs to understand, nor can your body recuperate from the stresses of the day.  These combined problems create weak and tired bodies – and make many turn to a good sleep aid to help them slumber.

So, energy and mental alertness are two benefits of good sleep and good sleep remedies. But, that is not all.

Your Thoughts And Your Emotions

While the physical aspect – sluggishness, reduced reaction times, and tiredness – of poor sleep is understood, the mental and emotional effects of poor sleep are now better understood.

The brain is a complicated machine, and it needs time to run itself.  Your moods are directly affected by a brain that cannot function like it should.  This is why people who sleep poorly and can’t find a good sleep remedy feel irritable and crabby.

Researchers have more evidence that poor sleep can be a contributing factor in depression, and not just a symptom of the disorder.

If your brain cannot work properly, it will have a problem controlling hormones and neurotransmitters – the chemicals that regulate, among other things, your mood.

So, if you are not getting adequate sleep on a long-term basis, your brain will not be able to make you as happy as you would otherwise be – thus creating the chemical imbalance that leads to depression.

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The Importance Of A Good Sleep Aid

With this latest research, it is even more critical that you find the best sleep aid you can get.

Some people turn to music therapy – with calm, soothing tones and sounds – to help them get to sleep.  Some people turn to herbal sleep therapy, which uses all-natural herbs to regulate and calm the body so it can rest.

Others like to use other cures for insomnia, such as a sleep aid like melatonin – a naturally-occurring hormone – to help control the body’s natural day and night cycle.

Whatever the sleep aid that is used, it is important to know that sleep is absolutely vital.  Therefore, anything you have to use as a sleep remedy in order to get your ZZZ’s is a must. Science has spoken: If you want a better day, hit the hay.

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