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Brace Yourself!  Helping Your Child Adjust to Orthodontic Braces

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How to get your teenager to talk to you

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5 tips for having a productive family meeting

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Straight Talk About Bedwetting:  Speaking to Siblings of Special Needs Kids

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Best Hybrid Mattress Review

checkGhostbed Hybrid MattresscheckList ElementcheckList ElementBest Mattress Reviews on Snorezinglocation-arrowBest Mattress for Platform ...

Nora: The Smart Anti-Snoring Device That Gives You a Nudge When You Snore

NORA, THE SMART SNORING SOLUTION. We live in a fascinating world. A world that is filled with technological advancement after technological advancement. In ...

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  1. Awesome product with awesome features. Totally stopped my snoring

  2. Hey Ellie,
    I am glad you found the information here helpful. It is our goal to keep you informed all the time.

  3. Hey Russell, the easiest and fastest way to order a < a href="" rel="nofollow">Harbor Breeze Double Ceiling Fan is via Amazon.

  4. Hey Darzworld,
    I am glad to learn that the snoring device works well for you

  5. Hey Salvatore,
    Sorry for the poor quality you received with PureSleep. It used to be a good device, but their services started going downhill somewhere at the end of last year. We’ve had similar PureSleep Complaints from most of our readers. That’s why we stopped recommending it as one of the best snoring aids in the market today.

  6. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It looks like the PureSleep company was acquired from its original founders and the services went downhill. If you ever need a mouthpiece that works well (at least for me), I’d recommend you get ZQuiet or the GMSS

  7. The only negative side effects of magnetic pillows will be on persons wearing a pacemaker.

  8. Hey Sara,

    I would recommend you get the snoring jaw strap from Amazon. It is cheaper and Amazon’s return policy is clear.

  9. Hey Yasmine,

    Yes! Chummie Bedwetting Alarm is among my best recommendations here.

  10. Hey Ashley,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. I just had a look at and I must that their products looks solid. I might have to do a review on it soon.

  11. Yes. That’s true a comfortable bed goes a long way in eliminating some of these sleep disorders.