Does the ZQuiet Mouthpiece Work?

Confused about all the different ZQuiet reviews? Don’t know if it’s worth buying? You have come to the right place. In this ZQuiet review we cover all you need to know before buying your anti snoring device.

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Free from latex and BPA, the ZQuiet is such a good product that it stands out in the crowded MAD marketplace. Very effective at reducing and even completely eliminating snoring, the Z Quiet works by pushing the lower jaw into a forward position and holding it securely in place to tighten the throat tissues and jaw muscles, thus reducing the vibrations which result in snoring.

It also prevents the tongue from causing an obstruction in the airways which also contributes to snoring. As an added bonus, the Zquiet also helps to improve breathing and to keep the body properly oxygenated. It is relatively inexpensive and incorporates several innovative features that improve the comfort and effectiveness of this device.

Not only that, but this device is manufactured from materials that are entirely free from both BPA and latex, two materials where are dangerous to wear inside the mouth. As Zquiet is produced from a thermoplastic elastomer, it has a softer and more comfortable feel inside the mouth.

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Pros & Cons


  • Featuring the innovative Living Hinge Technology for better mouth movement during wear. This allows the wearer to have a more natural bedtime experience
  • Airflow posts for more natural breathing through the mouth – a great advantage for those who cannot breathe through their nose. These are a much better solution than the more traditional air holes which are incorporated in many other MADs
  • Cleared by the FDA, and so guaranteed to be safe for use
  • 30 day trial period risk free
  • Designed by a sleep specialist
  • Made by a reputable company that have been awarded an A rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Soft and comfortable in the mouth, with a non-bulky feel
  • Free from BPA and latex, so no risk to your health
  • Able to be personalized to the correct size and shape with scissors
  • Can be used straight from the packet with no need to mold into shape
  • A long lifespan
  • Simple, easy to clean design
  • Can be ordered from abroad
  • Available in 2 sizes for a better and more customized fit. This means that you receive two products for the price of one – ideal if there is a second snorer in your household



  • Some soreness and drooling may be experienced for the first few days, although this will subside
  • Cannot be worn by anyone with loose teeth, weak teeth, caps, dentures or crowns, or any other dental prosthetic due to the need to bite down
  • Not custom-made so may not have as good a fit as some other similar devices which adopt the boil and bite technology. Even when the device has been trimmed to size, wearers may still find that this is a less comfortable device than those which use boil and bite technology to mold to the exact shape of the jaw
  • Shipping is not refunded if the product is returned during the trial period
  • May fall out of the mouth during the night
  • The hinge mechanism may eventually become useless causing the product to require replacement


FDA Cleared

This device has been cleared by the FDA meaning that it is guaranteed to be a good and safe product for use as well as effective in resolving the problem of snoring. While many mouthpieces claim to be FDA cleared, in fact this only refers to the materials used in their manufacture, so it is important to choose a product like ZQuiet which is fully endorsed by this body.

The FDA is the body in the USA responsible for vetting and authorizing a wide range of products including medicines and foodstuffs. By obtaining this regulatory body’s endorsement, it is clear that Zquiet is considered to be an effective anti-snoring product. This means when you choose the Zquiet, you can rest assured that you are selecting a reputable and trustworthy product that is completely safe and will not cause any damage to your health or well being.

How It Works

Like all other MADs, the ZQuiet works by holding the lower jaw in a forward position to keep the airways open and the tongue firmly in place. By tightening the muscles of the throat and jaw, it restricts the vibrations that result in snoring. The ZQuiet device, unlike many other MADs, does not use boil and bite technology and therefore requires no set up but can be used straight out of the packet after a quick wash. It can be trimmed with scissors to achieve a better fit, and incorporates Living Hinge Technology which allows the mouth to move more flexibly and breathing to be more natural.

What Makes ZQuiet Different?

The ZQuiet device uses a feature called Living Hinge Technology which permits the mouth to move more naturally and eliminates the discomfort often felt when wearing an MAD. This unique and innovative technology offers many benefits to the wearer, who will be able to talk or even take sips of water while this device is in place, allowing for a more natural bedtime experience.

This device is also different in that it does not adopt boil and bite technology but can be worn straight out of the packet with no preparation or molding required. This is an advantage over many of the other MADs which adopt this type of technology as they can feel hard and uncomfortable once the molding process has been completed.

The Zquiet’s improved two step comfort system allows two optimal positions for the jaw and its design is streamlined, featuring airflow posts to allow for breathing through either the nose or mouth during sleep. This is ideal for those who value the ability to breathe naturally during the night, and is vital for those who are unable to breathe through their nostrils, either because of an allergy or a cold, or because of a nasal medical condition or injury.

The Zquiet is made of quality materials that are free of BPA and latex, so it is very safe to use, having been cleared by the FDA and accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You can rest assured that when you wear this appliance you will not be putting your health and well being at risk.

Who is ZQuiet Great For?

The flexible and soft design of this device is quite unique, and this makes it ideal for those who hate the idea of an invasive object in their mouth during the night. Its smooth material is comfortable against the gums and the design is not bulky and therefore takes up less space inside the mouth than many other comparable devices which are harder and make the mouth feel very full which can prevent comfortable rest.

It also has airflow posts which allow mouth-breathers to wear this device at night. This is good news if you cannot breathe through your nose for medical reasons such as nasal polyps, a deviated septum or allergies.

Who Can’t Wear ZQuiet?

People with full dentures are unable to wear ZQuiet, (although anyone with partial dentures can use this product without any problems), and although the packaging does not mention use by those who have weak or loose teeth or who have bridgework or crowns, it is probably best that they too avoid this product as it requires the wearer to bite down on the material in order to secure it in place.

It is also not an ideal product for those who have a very sensitive gag reflex or for those who are unable to tolerate a device worn inside their mouth while they sleep.

The Fit

As no preparation is required for this device, it could not be simpler to use. There is no need to boil up any water or wait for it to cool, and there is no need to mold the device to the teeth through biting down on it using the boil and bite technology that is so common in other MAD devices. There is also no need to worry about achieving the correct fit first time as this device really is as simple as just deciding which of the two settings is the best fit, trimming it to size and then popping it into the mouth.

This makes this appliance an extremely convenient option, especially for those who are concerned that they will not be able to follow the necessary steps to ensure the proper customized fit necessary in a boil and bite product. To decide which of the two mouthpiece sizes you require for the best fit, look at the hinge of the product. They will be labeled as Size 1 and Size 2. It is recommended that you try the Comfort Size 1 mouthpiece initially, as this will only move the jaw slightly forward and will be adequate to resolve snoring problems in many people.

If you do not see any improvement when using this size of device, change to Size 2, and this will move your jaw a little further forward, which will widen the airways even further, and this should resolve snoring in more severe cases. If you discover that the device is a little too large for the size of your mouth, you are able to just use a pair of scissors to trim it to a more comfortable size. If you then find that there are rough edges that cause you discomfort, you can use an emery board or nail file to rub away any roughness that will damage your gums.

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ZQuiet Price?

The ZQuiet can be tried for 30 days for just $9.95 (which includes shipping costs) and if the customer is not satisfied, they can simply ship the product back for no extra fee. Even if the device has been trimmed, the 30 day cover still stands. Should the user be satisfied, their card will be charged after the trial period to the sum of $79.95, making the full cost of this device $89.90.

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About the company

The ZQuiet was designed by Katrina and Dan Webster, two snorers who have been working on the design of this product since 2008. Their company, known as Sleep Well LLC, was registered in that year in Vermont. The pair teamed up with Avery Liberman DDS, an expert in the sleep medicine industry, and together they worked with a focus on snoring, oral devices and sleep apnea. Their resulting product is manufactured in America from high quality materials that incorporate no harmful BPA or latex, and their company’s credentials (an A rating) have been issued by the Better Business Bureau.


There are a great many MAD devices on the market today, however ZQuiet is ranked among the best thanks to its unbeatable comfort of wear and ease of use, straight from the packet without the need to mold into shape.

Its small profile and non-bulky design is great for those who have found that other, larger, MAD devices were too uncomfortable in their mouth for them to obtain a restful night’s sleep. As this product’s integrated innovative Living Hinge Technology also allows more freedom of mouth movement, it is an excellent choice for those who want to speak or drink water while wearing their device. The integrated airflow posts are also ideal for those who struggle to breathe through their nose and who appreciate the ability to enjoy a more natural style of breathing throughout the night.

Thanks to the 30 day trial which is offered as standard on this product, the Zquiet is ideal for those who want to test their product thoroughly to ensure it is the right choice for them before committing a large amount of money to their purchase, and while you will not receive a refund of the shipping costs if you choose to return the device, this only amounts to just under $10. Most users will be satisfied with their purchase and find that it significantly reduces their snoring problem, if not eliminating it altogether.

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